10 Bike Hacks for Mountain Bikers and Beyond

If you have all the right tools and equipment, there's no need for hacks. Otherwise, watch this video. We'll go over everything from bleeding your mountain bike brakes with no kit, to cutting carbon without a dust mask. Fun, utility, and safety, all in one video!
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  1. Sanjivani Patil

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    Don't put water on disk it can harm your disk😀

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    Third Eye SurvivorПре 14 дана

    Did Siri ever remind you to check up on the baby oil bleed?

  3. Jon

    JonПре 18 дана

    Im a auto technician and i keep neodymium magnets on my tool cart and lift . Always at an arms reach 👍👍

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    So.... How’s the baby oil hack going? Been about a year and your public is waiting.

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    Seth can you tell me if it’s a good idea to put disc brake in the front? Or put them on both

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    Those are pretty good hacks. I liked your bike washing station the best and you didn't reference it.

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    Where'd you get those hacks man. Your a Genius son of a biscuit

  16. Dexter Jacob C. Mamada

    Dexter Jacob C. MamadaПре 2 месеца

    Don't use carbons on trails

  17. leo thegreat

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    u can try Cooking Oils , or Used Oils but some Smell 😂

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    Do you have any tips on Removing sratches

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    Broo I used the baby oil hack and it works no joke

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    New hack: baby oil can be substituted for all purpose grease

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    Well done man good vids

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    Yah, I’d try on Baby oil as Brake Fluids.... A month past by, no issue a the moment,

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    this is like 5min crafts but actually good


    ALAIN BELLEMAREПре 3 месеца

    actually i would avoid using baby oil on babies it s mineral oil , use vegetable oil on babies

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    If the broken bar were in Iran we have the guy to fix it and it wont ever cracked from that point😉🤓Sanctions getting people stronger and creatitive😂✌️

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    I'm using your tips for my motorized bicycle along with others thanks for your cool video I hope your doing well be safe

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    I have my front brake filled with baby oil for about 5 months now and it feels perfect

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    I didn't know needs oiled a bike thanks for sharing

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    There is only one problem. with the shrink tube that you install, it retains water and humidity, absolutely unnecessarily. Your idea on this point is far from useful you also need silicone

  48. bananas stuff

    bananas stuffПре 2 месеца

    dude he just wants to make his cockpit cleaner...

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    How did you learn how to work on a bike

  50. bananas stuff

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    he used to work in a bike shop

  51. Fat guy on a little bike

    Fat guy on a little bikeПре 4 месеца

    You should also wear gloves when u cut or sand carbon as it can be absorbed through the skin even when wet and cause kidney damage..

  52. Ethan VanBerkel

    Ethan VanBerkelПре 4 месеца

    Can you do one of how to make an easy bike work stand

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    Boiling water is also a good way to shrink that tubing.

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    Some one has a use good cheap bike for sale ?

  62. Earl Stirling

    Earl StirlingПре 5 месеци

    AAAGGGHHH! Don't ever put plastic (or any metal softer than iron/steel) on a grinding wheel! It will load up the wheel, and can cause it to get hot, degrade the material bonding the wheel together and the whole thing can explode! It's REALLY dangerous!

  63. Ontario Dirt bike Riders

    Ontario Dirt bike RidersПре 5 месеци

    Use hydraulic brake oil not baby oil

  64. CRAZYkatana 12

    CRAZYkatana 12Пре 5 месеци

    Hi, I have a mountain bike and when I turn the handle bars the brakes click. It doesn't effect the brakes, it's just annoying and scares anyone who rides my bike. Is this normal? I have dealt with it for months now. Please help

  65. Adam Cavill

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    I just use dish soap

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    I tried it and works like charm thank you men you saved me life

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    Hey. I have a bike and the brakes are really stiff and don't work well. How can I fix it?

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    I use 10w40 for my babies

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  78. Brisdad53

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    "Car wash with wax" is only a concern for about 10 seconds. The only part of the brake rotors you have to be worried about is the braking surface (the rest doesn't count), and the FIRST time you apply the brakes, any residual wax (which is negligible) has been removed from the pads and the disc.

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    If your bike runs low on oil, u could use baby oil in a pinch.

  93. cwuzii

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    If you think that solder nub will last more than 5 seconds then you’re insane.

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  96. Adrian Smith

    Adrian SmithПре 6 месеци

    You can also use water instead of oil in your break system, it’ll give you sharper breaking power even though it isn’t good for continuous breaking as it’ll boil but it’s good for downhill racing

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    You could use paracord outer case to wrap around the cables for protection.

  100. Mike Brawley

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    Instead of baby oil use Mineral Fluid Laxative. its a lot more pure then baby oil and doesn't have any sent or additives.

  101. TheSmallBoi Sam

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    Hi Seth! Hope you get this and bless me with some of your old bike parts i can use to complete my son's bike. Im from a place where there's really nothing goin on and no bike shops at all. Biking is something my son and i can daily to bond and have fun. I can tell/show you more if youd like. Thanks!

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