Before YouTube, I installed car stereos for a living

Many of you have commented and messaged links to the howcast videos. This is the backstory of those videos, and how they came to be. Today, we'll also do some work to Alexander's camper van.
Ram Promaster Dash Kit
Ram Promaster Wire Harness Interface
Pioneer Headunit
LED Headlights for Ram Promaster Get them with capacitors!
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  1. Ashok Family YT

    Ashok Family YTПре 2 дана

    I saw you with car speakers and talking all the details about it but was damn serious no fun no jokes.

  2. Connor Pennington

    Connor PenningtonПре 2 дана

    Heads up; model year and build year are different. Always use the vin plate 10th character to figure out the year for applications like this.

  3. RN12Gaming

    RN12GamingПре 3 дана

    Did you say 2 years. Omg

  4. Rich M

    Rich MПре 4 дана

    Seth, you have strong useful videos and neat you are not begging for likes and subs in the videos like some RSclubrs do. You let the videos speak for themselves.

  5. abhijeet chandra

    abhijeet chandraПре 4 дана

    Mate I’ve watched them car stereo vids back in the day 🤣 wow I didn’t realise

  6. Michel Foshee

    Michel FosheeПре 7 дана

    Awesome, I did the same thing for over 15 years.

  7. Vaughn Joseph Tariman

    Vaughn Joseph TarimanПре 10 дана

    Glad I clicked this video. I had enjoyed every moment because it looks so awesome and cool at the same time.

  8. Szymon Turek

    Szymon TurekПре 10 дана

    Just as alex said what's how cast? The chromebook ad popped up :)

  9. Freddy Arroyo

    Freddy ArroyoПре 10 дана

    You know you could totally make a car electronics youtube channel.... even start a patron campaign to make a stereos and radio installation shop I could be called “stereos peak” or Seths electric hacks

  10. Kawh

    KawhПре 11 дана

    haha omg, I've seen the howcast video too! Seth, you're truly a renaissance man!

  11. Sergio Flores

    Sergio FloresПре 11 дана

    RIP drama

  12. OneBruh

    OneBruhПре 13 дана

    That’s pretty cringe

  13. Raising 3 Boys

    Raising 3 BoysПре 14 дана

    How come it rains in ALL your videos? You live in a rain forrest?

  14. Michelle Hodgkins

    Michelle HodgkinsПре 14 дана


  15. Oat Bowls

    Oat BowlsПре 15 дана

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  17. Jack Money

    Jack MoneyПре 18 дана

    a pair of Sennheisers in your bits box :(

  18. camboi 345

    camboi 345Пре 19 дана

    Seth "Howcast" Alvo

  19. Brandon Little

    Brandon LittleПре 19 дана

    Seth is the friend everyone needs, but few deserve.

  20. TheMystic Rider

    TheMystic RiderПре 21 дан

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  21. Dakota Swagerty

    Dakota SwagertyПре 22 дана

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  22. Nathan Is A Car Dude

    Nathan Is A Car DudeПре 23 дана

    No fucking way you were on how cast

  23. Joe Stro

    Joe StroПре 25 дана

    Mad props on this one. Stereo installation is no easy sport. I'd totally get down on some stereo installations. Berm creek meets Boom Creek.

  24. Sacrifice The Pug

    Sacrifice The PugПре 25 дана

    Alex is beautiful

  25. Créate The future

    Créate The futureПре 26 дана

    so why don't you build an e bike Electrique bike

  26. Drew_DE8

    Drew_DE8Пре 27 дана

    10:24 the gambler was playin on the radio ahaha love That song

  27. Chris Butler

    Chris ButlerПре 27 дана

    Access (Metra) data harnesses are usually NOT “FTW”. Sucks PAC doesn’t (currently) make a module for that vehicle. Also, it probably is a 2018. You need to check the tenth digit on the VIN to verify the model year, the given number or letter will indicate the correct year. (I installed an overhead TV in a 2007 Yukon in February of 2006. ‘07 was the first big refresh they’d done since like ‘98 and we thought it was cool it was out so early.)

  28. Deluxxzz

    DeluxxzzПре 28 дана

    Seth: We can use some straight picks Seth *uses hex wrench* Me: 👁👄👁

  29. Simon Rogerson

    Simon RogersonПре месец

    You need to do more of this type of video thanks

  30. Andrew Feldman

    Andrew FeldmanПре месец

    This is my favorite video you've ever made.

  31. æ NOVE æ

    æ NOVE æПре месец


  32. Wood Eye

    Wood EyeПре месец

    Any vehicle with a manufacturer date passed June of that year will be considered the year following, so June to December of 2017 would make it a 2018.

  33. plz dont check my youtube channel!

    plz dont check my youtube channel!Пре месец

    10:02 "Son Of BISCUIT!"

  34. Cr Comments

    Cr CommentsПре месец

    I’ve never understood why car HiFi installers the world over insist on crimp connectors, it’s far better to solder and heat shrink sleeves any connections.

  35. Tony den Hoed

    Tony den HoedПре месец

    You are the coolest. Can we be friends? Seriously, you have super friend talents. 😁 (Sorry Weston. You are #2 now.)

  36. Tommy T

    Tommy TПре месец

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    Robert ShieldsПре месец

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  41. MT

    MTПре месец

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    Ethan DiamanteПре месец

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    Farming and FixingПре месец

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    Rich EПре месец

    I love my power probe, I'd be lost without it.

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    Si TheBugGuyПре месец

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    Josh StroffПре месец

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    Shadows5815Пре месец

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  62. bigroosterman12

    bigroosterman12Пре месец

    I dumped over $1200 to get my entire audio system redone on my Jeep Wrangler. Still the best purchase I have ever made! Funny how I'm now watching Seth and realized I definitely could not have done it myself

  63. hfjim super

    hfjim superПре месец

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    Maxwell MooneyПре месец

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    bappos bmx ReviewsПре месец

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    Nighthawk 009Пре месец

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    Sean GrayПре 2 месеца

    Idk why but I have probably watched this 15 times by now

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    Nigel RobinsonПре 2 месеца

    Jack of all trades, master of quite a few. Very entertaining.

  71. Clockwork Calibrations

    Clockwork CalibrationsПре 2 месеца

    Dude, Seth, excellent choice of tools using the power probe, Best tool ever made for techs because its the only real way to visualize electrical signals and to immediately test their integrity on the spot.

  72. mattlikesbikes

    mattlikesbikesПре 2 месеца

    I am rarely a fan of just throwing LED or HID bulbs into halogen housing. Those types of bulbs are FAR better for use in projector lenses. Do it right and hack those stock light housing up and throw in some nice projectors. Get you some crazy good light. As of now, you just risk blinding oncoming traffic. Better yet, leave the stock bulbs in and add an LED light bar for use when there isn't oncoming traffic. More light than you can shake a stick at.

  73. Luke Van Ginkel

    Luke Van GinkelПре 2 месеца

    Can Alex's monitor setup be used the same way, but with a windows computer?

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  80. Roderick MacLeod

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