Building a skinny “snake tongue” bridge for mountain bikes

Today, we revisit "Snake Pit" trail, and make an alternate "intermediate" line. The main difference is, our intermediate line does not contain a gap jump. Brian and Alexander join me in this one! Check out their channels below
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    Hey Seth u can use the chain from a chains saw as a bike chain😀 Ur welcome

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    i know im late but you could add a jump into a plank (sort of like snake pits planks) i feel like it would be really challenging (lmk if its a good idea idk)

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    anyone realise that seth talks like everyone of his viewer will ride this and that hes selling it to us

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    8:39 wow subtle but nice moving mask transition there Seth!

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    Put a green trail on Berm Peak.

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    5:06 I really like the smoothtransitions from banjo and harmonica music to metal XD

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    The gas-saw you got is freaking huge, a smalle bar and engine combo would have still done you well.

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    That is deadass the chainsaw I want

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    A logging tip...if you go to the scrapyard and buy a car hood or other chunk of curved metal you can attach it to the tree and it acts like a skid for the nose of the log

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  41. Asmenly • 2 years ago

    Asmenly • 2 years agoПре 3 месеца

    Can you please show a video to get a better balance on skinny i did it on 2x thicker skinny on your park and i am still struggling

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  56. MigMig74

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    If you have some vertical space, you could do some kind of sideway looping (but not 90° inclined, I'm not crazy), I think :D

  70. T E

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    Hi Seth! I thought of a cool hack to try out! You can mount a go-pro to your reflectors. Just take the base with a sticky bottom and place it on the reflector, then slip the go-pro in! It’s a much cheaper way then buying a handle bar mount to! It would be the best thing very if you could try it out! Have a good day! 🚴🏽‍♀️ Also we LOVE drama!

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