Building a Workbench Skatepark in my Garage

Today, we'll build a large workbench in my new garage with some extra features, including bike parking, a storage area, and a BMX ramp. As ridiculous as it sounds, I can fit a ton of stuff under those ramps!
Also, being able to walk up on top of the benches allows for access to the wall space above, which would otherwise be wasted. Anyway, enjoy this project!
Notes: The benches appear to be unleveled in certain parts of the video, and indeed some of the wood was warped. After everything was screwed together and all the weight was on top, things settled in nicely. Also, I referenced "baby oil in the brakes" of my fat tire bike. If you're confused by that, check this video
The Redline BMX was supplied to me by Diamondback's sister company, Redline. You can find it here:
If you're confused that I'm in a new house with a new garage, check my last video here:
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I'm working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this.
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    Funny Window555Пре 11 дана

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    Paul PorterПре 5 месеци

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