Building and Riding the Backyard Whale Tail

Note: This video was not filmed yesterday! We're in isolation right now on Berm Peak. Nobody comes and goes except for the grocery store or doctor. To see how we're passing the time, check out my instagram stories sethsbikehacks
The whale tail has been in the works for a while, but I haven't had the chance to build it until now. A lot of things needed to be in place, like the landing, a better roll-in, that kicker, not to mention a working Kevin Jump with a wood berm after it. Thanks to Kevin, Brian, and Alexander for helping out on this build. They all have RSclub channels:
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  1. Charlie Hauptman

    Charlie HauptmanПре дан

    Can someone give me a recommendation for a good hard tail that’s around $1300?

  2. Blackmamba Gaming

    Blackmamba GamingПре 6 дана

    I wish i have those bike of yours i love biking but its to expensive i have bike since my grade level at school i wish can you sponsor me ah bike im from philippines... Godbless

  3. Miska Karjunen

    Miska KarjunenПре 8 дана


  4. Gack

    GackПре 10 дана

    You should use a Mabel hopper

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  6. Hayden Moreno

    Hayden MorenoПре 11 дана

    I need help finding a full suspension bike for a couple hundred, I'm wanting to switch from hardtail to full

  7. The Rob

    The RobПре 11 дана

    That looks amazing. If I had big enough balls, I'd totally hit that.

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    Just a car guy Car sounds as wellПре 13 дана

    1:46 gidor

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    Justin RobertsПре 13 дана

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    Jack GormicanПре 12 дана

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    Jack GormicanПре 12 дана


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    Hugo ZetterlundПре 14 дана

    Think to bonk The tree in the end of The waile taile

  13. Ralph_ Walter

    Ralph_ WalterПре 15 дана

    can you do a tutorial of how to stop dics brake's squeal ?

  14. Hudson

    HudsonПре 15 дана

    Hey Seth first up I love everything you are doing. My fav channel to watch. Inspiring me to build stuff. Is there any chance you could throw up dimensions for your whale tail please or a link. I think I need one just like yours at my mates place😁

  15. Brogan Sheehe

    Brogan SheeheПре 16 дана

    Me and my cereal enjoyed watching this video this morning.

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    None o' your bussinessПре 19 дана

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  19. Alison Jenson

    Alison JensonПре 20 дана

    seth you should build a zigpad where it is kinda like the puker pad but you jump on to it kinda berm right the berm left then jump to a landing

  20. MDpov

    MDpovПре 21 дан

    me looking at the Walmart bike my parents told me was a mountain bike 5:14

  21. BadMTBrider

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  22. James Child

    James ChildПре 24 дана

    What was the radius used to make the whale tail?

  23. SuperKittenLvr

    SuperKittenLvrПре 25 дана

    I am thinking about getting in to mtb probably getting a schwinn ranger

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    Luca Hjalte de Bretteville Jakobsen luca6705Пре месец

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    GoRommelПре месец

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    Colton PetersenПре месец

    It’s a whale but Seth edited a horse sound to it

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    Lily StiglianoПре месец

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    HyperantiПре месец

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    Si TheBugGuyПре месец

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    RandomStuff247Пре месец

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    TJПре месец

    A couple months ago I clicked on one of your vids and I had no interest in mountain biking. A couple months have past and I am looking to buy a trek marlin 7 to see if I can give what u do ago. Love your vids my guy U inspired me to get off my ass

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  47. Fishy Man

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    Nate StroudПре 2 месеца

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    Shawn PitmanПре 2 месеца

    IDK about the placement of that packer while you guys are testing out a new feature. Seems like a good way to injure yourself by wiping out into a big metal object.

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