Building the Backyard "Maim Frame"

Today, we embark on another home improvement project, and not without help from some friends. Phil, Hailey, and Kevin help construct a wooden A frame with a 45 degree turn at the top. We named it "The Maim Frame" for its tendency to throw riders off the side.
As it turns out, the Maim Frame is not so easy to get over. I purposely chose the slowest corner of the trail for this feature to make things more interesting, but it turned out to be a little too slow. Because of the approach, you need to take a really hard crank in a tight space to make it to the top. In the future, I'll definitely be making the approach a bit easier so that the Maim Frame can be hit with more speed.
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Aside from the stuff I build on Berm Creek, (which was pretty far removed from an actual mountain bike trail) I haven't had much experience building stuff like this, so the Maim Frame was a learning experience. Stumpthorne (the area at the top of my yard) is going to be a training ground for building features like these.
One of the challenging things about this build was the use of rot resistant hardwood, like locust. I really like it as a riding surface because it's grippy, but it's very time consuming to obtain (where I live) and expensive. In the future I'll be using locust as a riding surface, and a mixture of other lumber for framing.
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