DIY Camper Van Build from Start to Finish | Tour and Recap

This spring, Alex bought a brand new Ram Promaster with nothing in it. Today, it's a functional camper van designed for full time living. This video explains the back story of this van, as well as the build, as well as a tour! If you're new to this channel or this is the first you're hearing about a van, this is the one video to watch.
The full van playlist, featuring all three of our channels
Bike Trays were influenced by
Here are some of the accessories we used in Dora
Outdoor rug
Helmetor Hooks
Packing cubes (clothing bags)
Shoe Organizer
Cup Holder
Heavy Duty Totes
Ladder hooks
USB-C 12volt Module
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    the Greek engineerПре 3 дана

    How he has his bath

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    Fernando CarneiroПре 18 дана

    Good friends, that's a thing we all need!! I like very much your vids.👍 🇵🇹

  3. Djordje Oljaca

    Djordje OljacaПре 18 дана

    Fiat ducato or as it is now known, the citroen jumper

  4. Tech Central

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  5. GGDS zzvx0

    GGDS zzvx0Пре 22 дана

    useless information: my mum builds fiat ducato at SEVEL here in italy, and my father,given the experience acquired working in a supplier company of SEVEL's, was sent in mexico as a method instructor to train workers in the at the time new mexican facility where this van was produced. soooo i feel like my family contributed to the 0.00032 percent of this build. by the way the american 2017 version is our 2010 version so the 2018 debate is actually worse than you might think.

  6. DerpDerp

    DerpDerpПре 25 дана

    i would live in a van like that!

  7. angus foster

    angus fosterПре 28 дана

    That Is Amazingly Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ThebudgetMTBerПре 28 дана

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    Nate AssaПре месец

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    XxxripjuicewrldПре месец

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    Great job guys!! just one question this CAMPER meets FMVSS standards??

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  26. Luke Randall

    Luke RandallПре 2 месеца

    I am SERIOUSLY considering converting one of these sprinter vans. Traveling all over isn't really why I would do this.... Just having the ability to live comfortably and go where ever I wanted long or short term. ESPECIALLY NOW A DAYS WITH THE WORLD BEING THE WAY IT IS.... This is the smart move

  27. Richard Hunt

    Richard HuntПре 2 месеца

    In the UK, and Europe we don't have the option of a Petrol Engined van like that let alone a 3.5lt V6 version!!! 😎😎 Also this van is used by multiple manufacturers by Peugeot/ Citroen (PSA Group) and as said Fiat.

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    Jacob Riley DesignsПре 2 месеца

    9:21 I love this!

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    Eric CartmanПре 2 месеца

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  30. Oli Rendell

    Oli RendellПре 3 месеца

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    Cormac RohdaПре 3 месеца

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    Cormac RohdaПре 3 месеца

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    Yug PatelПре 4 месеца

    seth i saw your storage unit video any find that you have mountain bikes which you don't use so can you please give me a mountain bike because my parents do not allow me to buy a new mountain bike and i also love mountain bike please help.

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    1 3Пре 4 месеца

    Great video and awesome van. I have been in my 2002 Dodge Ram Van for 2 years and what a wonderful life.

  56. max rowe

    max roweПре 4 месеца

    Wouldnt it be better to have circuit breakers not fuzes?

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    ᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅПре 4 месеца

    Alex is like me but I live in a house if I could I would rather live in a vehicle it would be a great experience and u would learn things most people would never hear

  58. Random Gaming Stuff

    Random Gaming StuffПре 4 месеца

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  59. Monsalve

    MonsalveПре 4 месеца

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    Nick MougrosПре 4 месеца

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  67. William

    WilliamПре 3 месеца

    Not a dumb question. It's because they're terrible for living in fulltime due to how indiscreet they are. People regularly call the cops when an RV/campervan shows up in an area not designated for camping.

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    AthleticKidsПре 5 месеци

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    I don't know if you want to hear this, but hear I go! I'm a 64 years young lady purchasing my first Pro Master van and I need HELP making it into a home. Surviving cancer, back issues and a tiny SSD check stands to reason this is the best approach to to take. Traveling the country while not having to pay rent, utilities and just sitting around without any excitement in my life. I love the outdoors and have been caged up way to long! What it boils down to is I need help making my van my home. I live in Easley, SC and was hoping you could help. I'm not asking for anything free, I will pay for materials, labor and will help with the work. I know a little about carpentry, but nothing at all about electric. Positive and negative, AC and DC, that's pretty much it. Can or will you help me or do you know someone that is reasonably priced to help me? Are there organizations that help people like me. I don't want to end up homeless. 😌

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