Finally! We built a trail to the bottom of Berm Peak

Today, we'll build a mountain bike trail to the very bottom of Berm Peak. My backyard trails will never be the same!
Along the way we'll get a history lesson, discuss my methodology in building this trail, and then break in the loam for the first time.
Until this COVID thing is over, we'll need to just work on the trail and not build any crazy features. Right now it's made of pillow-soft loam (not complaining) but in due time there will be jumps, pecker logs, wooden berms, and you name it.
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  7. RBRjfe

    RBRjfeПре 11 сати

    It would be great on POV shots to see a graphic on the top corner of the screen showing your location on the trail as you ride down. I don't know if you have the resources to do this but it's something I think would be really cool. Great job on all your videos. I really enjoy watching!

  8. xcvsdxvsx

    xcvsdxvsxПре 15 дана

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    If you have the chance when things get back to normal and if you haven't already, come check out the maple hill trail in Kalamazoo Michigan.

  18. Devin Prettyman

    Devin PrettymanПре месец

    Rope tow on the new trail?


    OOOHBILLYПре месец

    You need a “chairlift”. That’d be awesome!

  20. Master Shake

    Master ShakeПре 2 месеца

    I've been looking at your property, you should make an easy going trail surrounding your entire property so at the end of the run you can bike up and around either to the road or go around to the other side of your property... like one big loop

  21. Robert Ortiz

    Robert OrtizПре 2 месеца

    Build a lift/conveyer at the bottom :)

  22. ankush ganiyar

    ankush ganiyarПре 2 месеца

    I think one day he will build ramps on this rooof tops.

  23. Rebecca Anderson

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    Jamie GilkisonПре 2 месеца

    You should put a shuttle road in at berm peak. Like if you agree.

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    Timothy LlamoПре 2 месеца

    Hey Seth, can you make a video where you ride through the entire trail system with a minimap showing your location on the trail map as ride through it?

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  37. Jack Quicker

    Jack QuickerПре 3 месеца

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    Wow Seth , congratulations man. Every video you post about this trail is even cooler. At least besides creating the content you also are busy working on this trail and more. I’m a roady but I’m hooked up with your videos (both channels) and I can’t wait for more every day. Can I suggest l ask you or suggest you something? I own 5 bikes 2 mtb, 2 roadbikes and 1 mtb e-bike. 2 of my favorite bikes are foldable and there not many reviews on foldable bikes and I mean high quality bikes like Montague, Flatbike, Tern and others. They are super fun and actually comparable to the “normal” bikes. Can you review, recommended, create content or give tips about these bikes? Thanks man and keep riding.

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