Fixing Alex’s bike and ACTUALLY RIDING!

Lately, we’ve been getting lots of rain EVERY DAY. This makes filming anything pretty difficult, especially on mountain bikes. Today, we do some upgrades on Alexander’s Diamondback 5C, and actually go out and ride at Kanuga Bike Park.
Diamondback 5C
Marzocchi Fork (Bomber Z1 150mm)
OneUp Dropper Post
OneUp Handlebars (35mm)
OneUp Stem
OneUp EDC Tool
OneUp EDC Top Cap
OneUp EDC Threading Kit
Ergon Enduro Saddle
Ergon Grips
Berm Peak Merch
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  1. Donald Krautheim

    Donald KrautheimПре дан

    Jeez I thought you were 6ft

  2. Evan Ricketts

    Evan RickettsПре 2 дана

    Hey can you fix up my diamond back 24 inch. It id a little slugish

  3. Jason Markussen

    Jason MarkussenПре 3 дана

    Came up for a boys trip with my son last week. We absolutely loved it. Crazy enough I ran in to both of you at different places. I fully appreciate the videos and the tips. At a point my son looked at me and said it was the best time he has ever had. All worth it. Jay- Florida

  4. Oltion Hyseni

    Oltion HyseniПре 3 дана

    When seth said ‚wait what are you doing‘ alex went ⭕️ 👄 ⭕️

  5. Terminator_LiZaRd

    Terminator_LiZaRdПре 5 дана

    If I had a nickel for how many times someone said in this video that they love the EDC, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t that much, but it’s weird it happened twice.

  6. Prageeth CW

    Prageeth CWПре 7 дана

    Dear Seth, I would love to see you ride a 29er and do a review. I'm also short 5.4 and stuck between 27.5 size and 29er. I've seen many short guys like myself riding 29ers these days. Can you do a 29er video please? Love your channel

  7. sb white

    sb whiteПре 9 дана

    12:58 that elbow neeeeASTY

  8. Nikolai Townsend

    Nikolai TownsendПре 12 дана

    Seth: Put this in there Alex: You are very generous when you hold your lubricant Seth: There is a lot of lubricant on there Awesome video you two! Glad you finally got to ride without it raining.

  9. xd_stijepo

    xd_stijepoПре 12 дана

    I call Alex the bicycle Jesus

  10. Tatum Peiffer

    Tatum PeifferПре 12 дана

    What are those knee pads that Seth is wearing? They don’t look like the kalis

  11. Nico MTB

    Nico MTBПре 13 дана

    Seth cursed

  12. SnarkpitSam

    SnarkpitSamПре 13 дана

    Go tell it on the mountain oh ye Alex , the Cross Country Christ! Lead us unto sanity on the trails! LMAO! Great day! Great video. Why aren't you bandits wearing your masks?

  13. Arnold Uriostegui

    Arnold UriosteguiПре 13 дана

    Is the Seth bike hacks channel still available for you guys when I search it it says berm peak only Ik that’s his other channel btw

  14. Olaf Olinger

    Olaf OlingerПре 13 дана

    Hi guys, I like the shirts you are wearing. Is this the "loose" fit or more the tight one? What is your nomal T-Shirt size and what are you wearing to have an idea on what to order? Thanks

  15. Julius Wheezer

    Julius WheezerПре 14 дана

    Bomber z1 fits well with the frame ngl

  16. Bored_ Benji

    Bored_ BenjiПре 14 дана

    It’s funny that they both have full suspension bikes and it’s the norm for them and I want one sooooooooooooo bad

  17. Andrew Riddle

    Andrew RiddleПре 16 дана

    This video makes me realize how shitty my bike is😂

  18. Gamer Brainer

    Gamer BrainerПре 17 дана

    Dayam, what water bottle and holder is he using?

  19. Triston Claassen

    Triston ClaassenПре 18 дана

    4:56 what happened on Alex's elbow?

  20. Cole Cormier

    Cole CormierПре 26 дана

    I need a new bike lmao I love doing this stuff

  21. AE biking

    AE bikingПре 27 дана

    wait shouldn't alex wear the read jersey??

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    Insanity vlogsПре 27 дана

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    Clayton MartinПре 29 дана

    New favorite RSclubr 👍 keep at the awesome vids

  24. Kushagra Singh

    Kushagra SinghПре месец

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  25. Daniel M

    Daniel MПре месец

    I swear seth has a tool for everything

  26. Shalami

    ShalamiПре месец

    LOVING the colour matched fork and frame!!

  27. Josip Kasalo

    Josip KasaloПре месец

    Seth, we all miss the old days when you used to go to trails and review them, and actually ride, are you gonna make more?

  28. James

    JamesПре месец

    Great video Man. How about a suspension set-up video for that bike? 🤙🇦🇺


    GTFO_ PIIKAПре месец

    pov your god watching your son being helped

  30. Julius Wheezer

    Julius WheezerПре месец

    Damn this channel has grown so much that now he is collaborating with god

  31. Harrisons Hah

    Harrisons HahПре месец

    9:32 ppo9s

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    SertecПре месец

    I like this kind of videos, educational and fun at the same time

  33. Ron Zhake

    Ron ZhakeПре месец

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  34. Thaao Papakonstantis

    Thaao PapakonstantisПре месец

    Where do you buy the tool to thread the steerer tube

  35. Alisa Diez

    Alisa DiezПре месец

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    Mike AntonovichПре месец

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    Toby SzydlowskiПре месец

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    Josh DavidsonПре месец

    Didn’t u give that 5c to a kid

  48. PANDAMAN 13

    PANDAMAN 13Пре месец

    Tip for seth. Hacksaws only cut in one direction, pulling the blade back across your workpiece just ruins the blades teeth. Try only pushing forward, it saves you more blades than you think

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    Salty fishing TeamПре месец

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