How flow trails are built | Build & Ride in Hot Springs, Arkansas

This video was sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. I decided to link up with the trail crew working on the newest mountain bike trail system there, the Northwoods. The folks at IMBA Trail Solutions were kind enough to let me be a fly on the wall as they
laid the final sections of trail before opening.
The Northwoods Trail Mountain Bike Trail System will be open later in November
Consider attending the grand opening, when the dirt will be at its freshest!
Again, thank you Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism for our amazing partnership! Learn more about planning a mountain biking trip to Southwest Arkansas and visit @arkansas on Instagram
The lake pictured on the end screen was the view from the scenic Mountain Harbor Resort where I stayed for three nights
Thanks again to IMBA Trail Solutions
The two riders from the project are
Tyler @mcgilltrailfabrications
Avi @avi_tamir


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