How to bleed MTB brakes

Brake bleeding can be an intimidating bike repair, but it's actually really easy to do-much simpler than many other repairs.
Today, I'm going to show you how simple the concept actually is, and get you on track to bleed your own brakes.
According to a recent poll, about a third of you are already bleeding your own brakes, so maybe you could help answer some questions in the comment section.
Get yourself some rubber gloves (I know I wasn't wearing them). Also rags and a spray bottle for alcohol or water.
This wrench is pretty useful for working on brakes
Magura Bleed Kit
Sram, Avid, Hayes, Hope, Elixir
Shimano, TRP
100 Latex-free Gloves!
If you want to find a bleed tutorial just find the model of your brake and search for it on RSclub. The GMBN videos are great, and Performance bike also has a few good ones. When in doubt, just go straight to the manufacturer.


  1. Raymond Simmonds

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    Very nice instruction! Now I can decide whether to use a shop or get dirty!

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    I have rim breaks what am I doing here

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    Do I need to bleed brakes when I have rim brakes? I think that's the type I have....

  9. ToBeXaS

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    I tried this method, but instead of air, only brake cable came out. What i am doing wrong?

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    What if your 12 and aren’t allowed to use the tools to do it 😂

  11. Technical Gyan

    Technical GyanПре 29 дана

    hey Seth I'm from India. I have a doubt that as you have shown that we can use a syringe to bleed the brakes but can please make sure that I have to screw in the syringe or I have to just put into the lever.. please clear my doubt because I am bleeding my brakes for the first time and mine are Shimano brakes and there is no funnel for bleeding in online or offline...

  12. Technical Gyan

    Technical GyanПре 28 дана

    please anyone give a reply

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    Excellent example of how this works. I use the exact same vacuum pump that is used on normal brake calipers on my cars.

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    The best video I saw on bleed process. Question : Shimano official procedure requires funnel usage. Is it recommended and not inappropriate to operate with 2 seringues ? Thx.

  21. Anf Trew

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    At 0:40, cars and motorbikes use hydraulic brakes because hydraulics work well with a servo. The engine can pump the hydraulic fluid to considerable pressure, then a servo takes input from the driver and amplifies that force hugely. Try this (somewhere safe) : Park your car on a gradient. Switch the engine off so that no pumps are running. Pump the brake pedal until it goes stiff. Now let the handbrake off and let the car roll. See how useless the brakes are without the engine running. That's hydraulics without servo assistance. Hydraulic without a servo is no more powerful than cable actuated. If it seems like they are, I suspect that's because hydraulics usually come with better rotors and bigger pads. It's not the hydraulics per se.

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  27. Jeff

    JeffПре 2 месеца

    brake bleed/flush is fun. Can get messy if it's your first time. If youre familiar with bleeding your car's brake system, it will be easy for your bike lol


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    I know this is an old video but here goes nothing. Do I buy DOT brakes or Mineral oil and what brand? I currently have Q3 Promax and I can't find a single instructional video online, I can't even figure out how to remove the pads... I tried Bleeding, made big mess, I gave up lol. Just going to get new brakes, been riding around with just the rear for like 2 years now, I think I can splurge.

  34. Will McConnell

    Will McConnellПре 2 месеца

    Geez my bike shop is $25 per brake. They'd rather advance the pads than bleed the system

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    Ok sir here is the thing. I have a GT bike that comes with Avid brakes. I have been told they got bought out by SRam. The brake pads they use are DB1. The manual for the bike is so poorly put together it does not talk about any kind of maintenance. What should I use brake fluid such as DOT 3 or mineral oil such as baby oil loool.

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  48. Carl C Hedemalm

    Carl C HedemalmПре 3 месеца

    shimano brakes are the easiest to bleed, you dont even need a funnel, you need brake oil (or baby oil) and a dressing bottle, fill everything into it, then drip oil into the port otherwise used for the shimano funnel

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    I never had to bleed my car or motorbike brakes, so I assume that bicycle brakes are a bad and faulty design if they need to be bleed on a regular basis - like they do.

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    I wish my bike shop charge $11 for each brake but NOOO they charge $35 for each brake. I rather learn how to do it myself, perhaps I bled both of my shimano brakes for $5 which was the cost of the new mineral oil

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    Just whenever they start to feel really spongy. I don't know if this will wind up being true or not. But the people at the bike shop I went to told me I probably wouldn't have to worry about having the brakes bled for probably a few years. Plus, they gave me a nice price for having that done when I need it anyways. So I have no worries.

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