I filled my mountain bike brakes with baby oil for a year and here are the results!

A little over a year ago we filled the rear hydraulic brake of my fat tire mountain bike with baby oil, instead of Shimano Brake oil. Now over a year later, we're going to tear apart the brakes and look at all the most vulnerable components under a microscope to see if they degraded or changed in any way.
This video is just for entertainment, and I can't recommend that you fill your brakes with baby oil. With that said, this will always be the baby oil fat bike and it will always have baby oil in the brakes until they fail. Maybe it's time we name this bike...
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  1. Berm Peak

    Berm PeakПре 9 месеци

    Now that this bike is permanently filled with baby oil, we need to name it!

  2. V33R4J S1NGH

    V33R4J S1NGHПре 8 дана

    El oso El Bebe

  3. J. Rulison Photography

    J. Rulison PhotographyПре 16 дана

    Baby Got Back or Baby Got Fat.

  4. pspspspsps

    pspspspspsПре 24 дана

    baby giant

  5. Kalpana Chadha

    Kalpana ChadhaПре месец

    big baby chonks

  6. Gideon van Eeden

    Gideon van EedenПре месец


  7. jo gr

    jo grПре дан

    There’s no economic rationale for doing this. Oil is a consumable, but it’s not like you’re using a high volume of it. A bottle of the Shimano stuff would probably last a few years.

  8. Aaron Alagos

    Aaron AlagosПре 2 дана

    Try to put baby oil in pan and shimano oil in pan too and put thermometer then try which boils first. I know, I know, it's a stupid idea😂🤣

  9. Ryan Andry

    Ryan AndryПре 5 дана

    Tie fighter incoming!!!!!!!!

  10. Ken Weller

    Ken WellerПре 5 дана

    There are places that do detailed analyses of motor oils. They might be able to provide data for brake oil and OTL mineral oil. You can get a rough idea of viscosity by doing pour tests at various temperatures.

  11. LoganGilbert 15

    LoganGilbert 15Пре 6 дана

    Who’s here in October!? 👇🏻

  12. fetB

    fetBПре 7 дана

    what about vegetable oil. Surely that wont break any rubber

  13. bjornerik kleiven

    bjornerik kleivenПре 7 дана

    I love useful hacks, some riders find water better... love your shop, wow e ooo

  14. Sean Parker

    Sean ParkerПре 8 дана

    I replaced my brake oil with brake oil because I don't want 'here lies another dead tightarse' written on my gravestone.

  15. Carl Stanton

    Carl StantonПре 9 дана

    When I rode trials, alot of us ran our magura hs33's on water, or water with a drop of anti freeze in winter. It made the breaks less spongy, more responsive, and lighter to pull. You'd get about a year out of the seals, but most trials riders broke a lever or something before then and had to get a new brake anyway! I'd be more than happy to use baby oil in a pinch :)

  16. Tony Russell

    Tony RussellПре 10 дана

    As long as you do not have to buy the shimano oil in one gallon containers as shown.

  17. Kai Disselkoen

    Kai DisselkoenПре 11 дана

    fill your fork with baby oil

  18. Mysterious Rider

    Mysterious RiderПре 12 дана

    Warning Only use Johnsons DOT 4

  19. DeltroxTv

    DeltroxTvПре 13 дана

    heres the thing. if a custom break oil helps by even .001% its worth the price. imagine going down certain trails and your breaks give out. you have no choice but to bail before you slam into a tree going 45 mph

  20. Alex Golestani

    Alex GolestaniПре 14 дана

    I have baby oil in my brakes, I’ve had it there for 4000 miles, it is totally safe to do on mineral oil brakes.

  21. Alex Golestani

    Alex GolestaniПре 14 дана

    I’d call it the fat baby

  22. MegaFrankels

    MegaFrankelsПре 14 дана

    according to the msds shimano oil has flame retardant and antioxidant. also the color so probably dye

  23. Ben P

    Ben PПре 14 дана

    Hey, is this working during cold winter?


    SIMSILLERПре 15 дана

    Water works fine so does 3 in 1

  25. Israel M

    Israel MПре 15 дана

    Dam you know a lot about brakes think you can come check out my car brakes they need some help

  26. qhealth

    qhealthПре 17 дана

    Summary of vid: I did this experiment for a year but idk

  27. Enaresbclimber

    EnaresbclimberПре 19 дана

    :27 braap

  28. hamdi hum

    hamdi humПре 20 дана

    Can we used brake oil for baby?🤔

  29. Skooteh

    SkootehПре 20 дана

    I ran drug store mineral oil in my brakes and it worked great until the temps went down. Below freezing, the oil gets thick and it got to the point that applying brakes becomes difficult and the pads barely release at all.

  30. Antonio Tejada

    Antonio TejadaПре 20 дана

    Come on, everyone knows you don’t _fill_ babies with oil! It’s for eliminating squeaks.

  31. Tomas Barchi

    Tomas BarchiПре 21 дан

    I use Citroen's LHM plus hidraulic mineral oil which is basically the same as Shimano's but way cheaper and green.

  32. Tone Patrón

    Tone PatrónПре 21 дан

    Definitely safe for Infants.

  33. Alex Alfons

    Alex AlfonsПре 21 дан

    what if u use water?

  34. Alex Alfons

    Alex AlfonsПре 21 дан

    where do they get the babies from?

  35. Big man tomato head

    Big man tomato headПре 21 дан

    How is it working now?

  36. Sanne de la Haye

    Sanne de la HayeПре 22 дана

    Why would you do that? It’s not that mineral brake oil is expensive. Maybe as an emergency.

  37. 1303 Faiz

    1303 FaizПре 22 дана

    Does it works for tectro hydraulic brakes

  38. Bang Supa

    Bang SupaПре 22 дана

    Why we oiling baby? And how?

  39. Sam Sung

    Sam SungПре 24 дана

    Dumb idea to use dot brake fluid (okay for downhill bike) bicycles are not going fast enough and brake surfaces are too small. Dot fluid needs to withstand instant, constant, and high temperatures from MOTORCYCLES braking. Shimano went the right route and baby oil seems to be just fine.

  40. gin ngo

    gin ngoПре 25 дана

    Like to see temperature gun reading on the different " brake " fluids after a typical down hill brake use. You can set up & bench bleed loose discs brakes a head of time & then install them & go on the same trail on the same bike. I've always believed when it came to " brake " fluids bike manufacturers were " shady " hence LBS don't usually inventory " brake " fluid for sale. Causing unnecessary expense to consumers for labor. Just use basic DOT car brake fluid. Cheaper, handles high heat temperatures on 2,000+ lbs cars & trucks & on a bike system 100% hydroscopic free.

  41. John Leyland

    John LeylandПре 25 дана

    Just buy brake oil yeah tight sod and stop pinching the babes oil

  42. Ninja CArp

    Ninja CArpПре 25 дана

    i cannot see this voice coming from this man

  43. Chichikov

    ChichikovПре 26 дана

    if wonder if cheap chinese are pre-filled with the infamous 'gutter oil'

  44. Michael Bulger

    Michael BulgerПре 26 дана

    I filled my baby with car oil and here are the results

  45. Dirt jump daily

    Dirt jump dailyПре 27 дана

    My bike has baby oil in it instead of mineral oil

  46. SmaCk You d1cK

    SmaCk You d1cKПре 28 дана

    did you lube your baby, honey?

  47. adrianTNT

    adrianTNTПре 29 дана

    Next ... clean your brake disks with Durex Play lube 😆

  48. Uncle Fjester

    Uncle FjesterПре месец

    Baby oil is all I have ever used with no Problems! Easy to smell leaks too!

  49. Ghost Rider

    Ghost RiderПре месец

    This video was posted on my birthday lol

  50. Nicklas Drøge

    Nicklas DrøgeПре месец

    My break is fild with baby ole

  51. Jnmar Animator

    Jnmar AnimatorПре месец

    I use cooking oil and work perfectly fine. More affordable than baby oil.

  52. Antonio Tejada

    Antonio TejadaПре 20 дана

    Bear in mind that cooking oil will oxidize in contact with air or moisture, creating a gummy mess. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  53. Gpjr gpjr

    Gpjr gpjrПре месец

    The reason I use mechanical brakes is bcs I live in a 3rd world country and brake oil is very expensive and theres no acess to brake oil

  54. Tom Kleins

    Tom KleinsПре месец

    Fill break fluid to babies and they will stop crying.

  55. Chris & Sam Living the Dream

    Chris & Sam Living the DreamПре месец

    Great vid there ..

  56. Dan R

    Dan RПре месец

    For "mineral" oil brake systems: Use engine oil or (better) automatic transmission fluid ATF (Yes, it is oil). Do NOT use brake fluid in those systems. Engine oil and ATF have additives which protect against corrosion, protects gaskets and O rings and more. They also have high boiling point. Synthetic oil is fine if you have it around, but it is an overkill. Baby oil does not have those additives and I doubt if Shimano's oil have them either. BTW: Some heavy equipment use ATF in their hydraulic system. If the manufacturer specifies brake fluid (DOT 4 usually), which is NOT oil, DO NOT use any oil. If you are considering a new brake system, go for "mineral". Brake fluid (mostly DOT4) is hygroscopic and will cause corrosion over time. It also dissolves some paints, so you don't want it spilled on your precious bike.

  57. K C

    K CПре месец

    Well here we are 9/24/2020 and I've found myself in the "theoretical Apollo 13 situation where you'll die in space without a brake oil substitute." Apparently because of Covid, can't find Shimano Brake fluid at any local shop and the big online retailers like Jenson. So bought some drug store generic 100% mineral oil to bleed, now that I know it's fine for seals (as I suspected) not going to worry about it. Great video.

  58. Support guy Battlefield 4

    Support guy Battlefield 4Пре месец

    I guess the viscosity of the oil.

  59. Fringe Wizard

    Fringe WizardПре месец

    I've gone to every single bike shop looking for the mineral oil for my levers and everyone is out due to the pandemic. I have no choice I'm just going to use this because my one lever isn't working at all and the other barely.

  60. Alex Bouillon

    Alex BouillonПре месец

    4:08 is that the phub sound?

  61. unicohijo

    unicohijoПре месец

    baby oil ftw! baby! ?

  62. Ade Irwandi

    Ade IrwandiПре месец

    Now. I use shimano oil, for my baby.

  63. André Monteiro

    André MonteiroПре месец

    why those fucking wide ass tires? it makes your bike look like a tractor.

  64. Ronnie Traba

    Ronnie TrabaПре месец

    Are you the same Seth?


    THOU_SHALT_KILL 13Пре месец

    I use baby oil

  66. Greg Bly

    Greg BlyПре месец

    A dollar per bleed? It's not the 90,s . It's hi temp mineral oil. Shimano and Magura sell it in tiny bottles with a huge mark up. Imagine bleeding your brakes and smelling like a clean toddler. Smells good to me.

  67. ArKwed Cpt

    ArKwed CptПре месец

    nobody : dude with fat tires making the sound effect of Star Wars : wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  68. Faustino Franca

    Faustino FrancaПре месец

    Hey,seth,I just changed the brake pads one my bike and the brakes dont work,they are like spongy.what do I do?

  69. Ammotive

    AmmotiveПре месец

    The fat tire sounds sick on tarmac, but I’ll stick to my 2.3’s and spokey dokes I think.

  70. straitline sender

    straitline senderПре месец

    Yo Seth, i have a vid idea. What about building&testing Shigura Brakes? Yk, Magura brakes with Shimano Levers. That Would be awesome

  71. wu the maurine

    wu the maurineПре месец

    A year? what?

  72. Tyler Shaw

    Tyler ShawПре месец

    Interesting outcome. If the price delta was higher I would consider it but 30% at these prices isn't much with the warranty risk.

  73. Arto Turunen

    Arto TurunenПре месец

    5:14 for those who don't have time to watch whole video.

  74. W M

    W MПре месец

    Olive oil is made of olives Vegetable oil is mage of vegetables Baby oil is made of babies?

  75. Dennis Young

    Dennis YoungПре месец

    Sounds like a mad-max expedient...

  76. Loui Ghie

    Loui GhieПре месец

    Brakes are important... (Fixies) what are brakes??

  77. AZ Razkull Rider

    AZ Razkull RiderПре месец

    Been trying to confirm if I can use a mineral oil variety in my Promax dot 4 system. Anybody have a known correct answer?

  78. Vher Garnace

    Vher GarnaceПре месец

    I still use baby oil for my chains. :)

  79. Gert Kriel

    Gert KrielПре месец

    I live in africa and it's impossible to find proper brake oil so this is why I have to do it.

  80. Dope Stuff

    Dope StuffПре месец

    I use baseline for lips(jonsons) instead of greese works even better

  81. glados gaming

    glados gamingПре месец

    Well if I learned anything from this video it's that we need to keep babies far away from Seth

  82. Kerem 5713

    Kerem 5713Пре месец

    Me watching this And not even having disc brakes 🙁😢

  83. Jeff Phoon

    Jeff PhoonПре месец

    It’s been a year for me with baby oil as well ;)

  84. Gabe Espinoza

    Gabe EspinozaПре месец

    be honest, how much of what have you filled a baby with

  85. AzharHassan

    AzharHassanПре месец

    fish oil = oil made from fish coconut oil = oil made from coconut baby oil = oil made for baby what kind of logic is that?🤔

  86. Adele Nelson

    Adele NelsonПре месец

    Wil baby oil work as sealand

  87. Hesaam Sadeghi

    Hesaam SadeghiПре месец

    Real question can you wheelie it

  88. Denis Rahim

    Denis RahimПре месец

    damm this video is helpful :D

  89. Benjamin V

    Benjamin VПре месец

    Those tyres 🤣

  90. Bike Grinch

    Bike GrinchПре месец

    Thanks Seth the bike hack. Because your dumbass video here I can to fix some dummies brakes who thought it was a good idea to put baby oil in them.

  91. Joe Flacco

    Joe FlaccoПре месец


  92. Noxriety Nox-ri-eti

    Noxriety Nox-ri-etiПре месец

    Sounds more like a f1

  93. Cash Anderson

    Cash AndersonПре месец

    “I still don’t understand why you have to fill babies with oil” I don’t either.

  94. Gabriel Strom

    Gabriel StromПре месец

    You don’t fill babies with oil, baby oil comes from babies....of course pshh lol

  95. xRawp

    xRawpПре 2 месеца

    Next video: "I filled my baby with brake fluid. Here's what happened."

  96. Roman

    RomanПре 2 месеца

    I really don’t know why we fill baby’s with oil


    ALONE WOLFПре 2 месеца

    Hi I tried the car brake fluid it was a very bad idea since the fluid destroyed the rubber

  98. Razvan Golcea

    Razvan GolceaПре 2 месеца

    I didnt know Johnsons made bike tools and replacements

  99. John Paul Atienza

    John Paul AtienzaПре 2 месеца

    Makes sense since baby oil is mineral oil

  100. Gareth Robinson

    Gareth RobinsonПре 2 месеца

    I can oneup your baby oil. I once filled up with suntan oil after carrying my bike to the Summit of Helvellyn then realising I had lost most of my brake fluid due to a cracked reservoir. I literally shouted out to a huge group of walkers having lunch at the top 'has anybody got any suntan lotion or I'm going to die!' A nice lady asked if I was serious and I explained about the lost brake fluid. We had already considered water, energy gel and each bodily fluid in turn and I mean every one. The suntan lotion was creamy with the consistency of head and shoulders shampoo. It worked even though I had to pump the lever a lot probably because of air in the system rather than the lotion not working. When I got home I flushed it through several times until there was no more suntan lotion coming through and it was fine. Next time I may try slightly salted butter...

  101. Justin Tworek

    Justin TworekПре 2 месеца

    I was in a pinch and used what i had, 'transmission fluid' in my Magura disc brakes. its thicker which makes it more work to bleed. But works just fine. Zero problems.

  102. kung-fu hustle

    kung-fu hustleПре 2 месеца

    Does the bike get wrapped in a diaper as well.

  103. Pablo Pérez Fernández

    Pablo Pérez FernándezПре 2 месеца

    A mi moto siempre le pongo Johnson's Baby dot 4

  104. Aiden Cauger

    Aiden CaugerПре 2 месеца

    I should point out, I had my shimano deore front brakes filled with baby oil for over two years now. the rear, due to budget reasons, was a sram db5 brake. that one failed, and was replaced with a magura sl. over two years later, the shimano brake works better than both rear brakes i had!

  105. Arsyad Gunawan

    Arsyad GunawanПре 2 месеца

    Tie fighter 😂

  106. Warren Hardy

    Warren HardyПре 2 месеца

    Baby oil is mineral oil.