It’s kinda sketchy! Building & Riding the Teeter Cannon

The teeter totter was fun, but there's always a way to make something better. In this video, we attempt to build a mountain bike jump that requires launching off the end of the teeter. We're calling it the Teeter Cannon, and it's going to challenge people! It's not every day you ride your mountain bike up to a moving lip. Enjoy this one.
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  1. Benson Glover

    Benson GloverПре 2 дана

    Am I the only one that picked up on how Seth was calling it a cannon then he said now I'm staring down the barrel of this thing

  2. miles rose

    miles roseПре 2 дана

    If it's too loud, because it seems pretty loud, maybe you could try to put some sort of rubber or something on the cut outs of the wood just to make it a little quieter if its annoying. The rubber might also reduce the wear on the wood, maybe, idk just an idea.

  3. Oliver Pleasance

    Oliver PleasanceПре 2 дана


  4. Lukas Schoppe

    Lukas SchoppeПре 4 дана

    Oh man i will drive the track

  5. photoman3232

    photoman3232Пре 6 дана

    Mt. Zion Trails-Brookhaven, Mississippi

  6. MTBAK

    MTBAKПре 7 дана

    “It’s kinda sketchy” that is an understatement

  7. Joshua Gunther

    Joshua GuntherПре 7 дана

    Hey Seth im a huge fan and I've been watching your videos for quite some time now, im planning out a trip for me to go mtb and I wondering if u have any suggestions for parks I should go to in NC


    ONII- CHANПре 8 дана


  9. Reverse Fire

    Reverse FireПре 8 дана

    I’m at the start of the video and damn I hate the teeter totter. Hope it’s gets removed.

  10. Malachi Cox

    Malachi CoxПре 8 дана

    I know about tail diving I jump my front heavy aluminum dh bike over a 6 foot gap

  11. Alex G

    Alex GПре 9 дана

    You could put more weight on the rear of the teeter so its easier to send and have some type of bungee return so it doesnt slam down as hard. It also looks the the point where it contacts the deck might snap or break at some point.

  12. Martin Ringelberg

    Martin RingelbergПре 9 дана

    Awesome feature! Have you tried playing with more counter weight on the teeter? That might make it more "jump like". But not too much so it can still be rolled like a norma teeter.

  13. Kaloy Rones

    Kaloy RonesПре 9 дана

    So cool💕

  14. MR M S I

    MR M S IПре 10 дана

    I getting a 2020 bike and I'm going to try to build a trail in my backyard

  15. Freddiamond586

    Freddiamond586Пре 11 дана

    I want lived in North Carolina to go over there but I live in south carolina

  16. derpchicky

    derpchickyПре 11 дана

    4:46 why is it so satisfying

  17. John Elliott

    John ElliottПре 11 дана

    Maybe he should make a feature on knob deep

  18. Jim5o Plays

    Jim5o PlaysПре 13 дана

    Would it not be worth adding some tire or somethjgn to help w keeping it safe as the teeter will slap the platform and damage it iver time

  19. Ryan McComas

    Ryan McComasПре 13 дана

    I wonder if seth ever found that glove

  20. William Moore

    William MooreПре 13 дана


  21. ttt ttt

    ttt tttПре 14 дана

    Put magnets on the end of the teeter in order to eliminate the bounce cuased by hitting the teeter allowing for people to consecutively hit it

  22. Tarzan Tiernan

    Tarzan TiernanПре 15 дана

    Could we possibly get a dream collab with Fabio Wibmer and Matt Jones coming to Berm Peak when COVID is over please

  23. Built by Unity Gym

    Built by Unity GymПре 16 дана

    The dirt looks like poop

  24. Bucky Boy

    Bucky BoyПре 16 дана

    I am just super curious to see how the whole path would look like after this

  25. Felix Butter

    Felix ButterПре 16 дана

    on gopro mode the landing looks like it has 2 steps

  26. Ximon Rhys Leandicho

    Ximon Rhys LeandichoПре 16 дана


  27. Maxwell Heyward

    Maxwell HeywardПре 17 дана

    hi seth, my name is max and i live all the way down in Australia, i was just going to ask if the trek marlin 6 is worth buying. i really hope you read this! keep up the good work as well buddy.

  28. Gaming Palace

    Gaming PalaceПре 17 дана

    3:10 damn he be fast though

  29. Luka123 Gaming

    Luka123 GamingПре 17 дана

    The noises he made after the first jump test

  30. Shalami

    ShalamiПре 17 дана

    Kevin’s face kinda reminds me of Han Solo, only me?

  31. Daniel Powell

    Daniel PowellПре 18 дана

    Put a piece of string between the bottom two beams and tight it to the frame so it doesn't more when do jump of it

  32. Yoan Hristov

    Yoan HristovПре 18 дана

    the music when he finally finished it is like from some kind of really luxurious real estate promo :D

  33. Noel Caballero

    Noel CaballeroПре 18 дана

    Man he would be a good carpenter he is very skilled

  34. Rafi Cohen

    Rafi CohenПре 19 дана

    You one crazy dude...!!!

  35. Logisch Shop

    Logisch ShopПре 19 дана

    Your backyard in 10 Years is the best north Shore everr

  36. Cole Goldenberg

    Cole GoldenbergПре 20 дана

    What happened to the videos

  37. mossy on 60fps

    mossy on 60fpsПре 20 дана

    The bit where the ramp slams could be cut more but have like sponge on it to stop it slamming hard

  38. Acidserpent

    AcidserpentПре 20 дана

    The Oscar cannon.

  39. Kadir Nokay

    Kadir NokayПре 20 дана

    This man lives in minecraft

  40. Daily MTB

    Daily MTBПре 21 дан

    Hey what bike do you ride

  41. PNW DownHill MTB

    PNW DownHill MTBПре 21 дан

    I miss drama

  42. Phil Martin

    Phil MartinПре 21 дан

    Seth i love this, ive built two seesaws in the past neither where as nice as yours i love the way your sort of 'air stalling' but losing no real momentum it looks really cool well done Seth you have one gorgeous garden

  43. Mark Helfrich

    Mark HelfrichПре 22 дана

    Sold there be bumpers were the teeter hits the deck ad ask the force on from teeter comes down in the side of the two by 12s? More wear and tear? Bumpers reduce that?

  44. Chris Warrick

    Chris WarrickПре 23 дана

    You could have put the air bag there and performed the same thing

  45. raul tarick

    raul tarickПре 23 дана

    Hvis videos is Greta

  46. Rob P Pool

    Rob P PoolПре 24 дана

    Your videos got me back into bicycle riding. Im 41 n haven't rode a bicycle since I was 16. After watching a couple of your videos and seeing the fun you guys have, it got me back into it and now im riding everyday so thank you again.

  47. Jm56Z

    Jm56ZПре 24 дана

    One day, Seth will try to make it a real MTB park. Insurance companies will refuse.

  48. Matt

    MattПре 24 дана

    Sam pilgrim needs to come visit

  49. Jenny Sole

    Jenny SoleПре 25 дана

    Lmao, anyone else injured and watching mtb vids to fill in the sad void of not being able to ride atm?

  50. Nicholson Landen

    Nicholson LandenПре 25 дана

    10:08: Its not nearly as sketchy as is actually is.

  51. Moritz Kaczmarek

    Moritz KaczmarekПре 25 дана


  52. Melanie Dague

    Melanie DagueПре 25 дана

    I miss your old dog

  53. Jakob Reiter

    Jakob ReiterПре 26 дана

    That looks so much fun I would love to do that!

  54. Lucca Pozzi

    Lucca PozziПре 26 дана

    I would love to come to berm peak some day!

  55. Jackson49

    Jackson49Пре 26 дана

    Love your vids keep it up

  56. Gabe is FISHING

    Gabe is FISHINGПре 26 дана

    For some reason this came to mind but for post holes u should try to dig them with a ice auger

  57. Aryam Oyola

    Aryam OyolaПре 26 дана

    Add some springs to the middle point at the cross member of the ramp so it has some force to really get you flying or to ease some of the harshness of the decent to the other side of the ramp

  58. Robert Hilden

    Robert HildenПре 26 дана

    Has anyone rocketed off a teeter when they thought it was a jump? Any universal symbol for a teeter so we can quickly tell it’s not a jump?

  59. Noah Mtb

    Noah MtbПре 28 дана

    That’s such a sick jump 👍

  60. Vlog Epicness

    Vlog EpicnessПре 28 дана

    You might want to zip tie some pillows to the tree right in front of the landing just in case.

  61. Aaron Cochrane

    Aaron CochraneПре 10 дана

    How is Luke , mason and Lillian

  62. Sebastian

    SebastianПре 29 дана

    Who's that guy without beard?

  63. Jason Mclauchlin

    Jason MclauchlinПре 29 дана

    Buck to flat

  64. Thomas Pankiewicz

    Thomas PankiewiczПре месец

    berm peak tour ? trail day

  65. Eliza Williams

    Eliza WilliamsПре месец

    I thought i subscribed but apparent not - sub'ed now.


    MOMO HUSICПре месец

    Woowowow fantastik.tanks

  67. Aric

    AricПре месец

    At first I thought "no way is this gonna work" but you made it look smooth as heck

  68. Stella Mae Hembra

    Stella Mae HembraПре месец

    I appreciated the video when seth shaved his beard😂😂

  69. TypicalLoganBar Plays

    TypicalLoganBar PlaysПре месец

    I love how Seth with build a whole bike park in his back yard but I won't mow the lawn

  70. ROBLOX player

    ROBLOX playerПре месец

    I learned how to do a bunny hop from one of his old videos and I really recommend subscribing

  71. matt

    mattПре месец

    Thats super awesome

  72. boris valkhoff

    boris valkhoffПре месец

    can you make a video of the whole track?

  73. Gareth Haddon

    Gareth HaddonПре месец

    "a ten minute escape from this crazy world" - that is exactly why I searched up a fresh vid of yours to watch and though its back to work for me, can I say thank you.

  74. Tyler Gerritsen

    Tyler GerritsenПре месец

    Dude you make everything look so easy. Fun to watch. Love your creativity! Glad to see your vulnerable side with being a little sketched out at first. Keep it up!


    THOMAS G ELITEПре месец

    Give us more trail cleaning videos😂

  76. david brown

    david brownПре месец

    Anyone know why they dont use pressure treated wood?

  77. Ray MaQ

    Ray MaQПре месец

    this is one of those 'i think i could do that' moments when you see it in video but alot different when you're there😄 nice work on that thing whatever👍🏼

  78. Jax Green

    Jax GreenПре месец

    you should have another side track if you don’t want to go on the tita topper

  79. Koda Kaiser

    Koda KaiserПре месец

    You should make a Robe toe from the bottom of your run to the top and you should also make a midway section

  80. USS Ranger

    USS RangerПре месец

    add some weight to one side so that it an tilt back to the original side

  81. Morgan Nymoen

    Morgan NymoenПре месец

    Can you do a colab with @fabio wilmer

  82. Art of the Chicken

    Art of the ChickenПре месец

    You should make a system to lock the teeter totter in place so when you’re training down it doesn’t lift at all

  83. Cliftyman

    CliftymanПре месец

    I can't help but thinking how much different Seth's North Carolina mountain dirt is than my Southern Kentucky river ridge dirt

  84. William Boyd-Stott

    William Boyd-StottПре месец

    put a lock on it

  85. Dhein DoesGt

    Dhein DoesGtПре месец

    Hey Seth! I was wondering if you clear the trail maybe little wide. And maybe put some rocks in the side ends I hope you understand me..

  86. Wombat Inc.

    Wombat Inc.Пре месец

    This man acts like theres universal free healthcare in his country

  87. DedBear

    DedBearПре месец

    What kind of tire pressure do you usually run? I'm just getting into riding a hardtail on trails out here in AZ.

  88. Champ Ethan Labatos

    Champ Ethan LabatosПре месец

    I think its great but how about the one following you? Its gonna slow him down. 🤔Maybe?

  89. Joseph Hathor

    Joseph HathorПре месец

    I would love to ride your trials and I'm not even a mountain bike rider I used to ride like a street BMX City riding but watching your videos and I want to watch the van conversion videos size of the ones that got me starting my van conversion just by watching all your videos you guys are awesome

  90. John Hopkins

    John HopkinsПре месец

    Could you put some weight on the front end (attach a couple cinder blocks underneath) to slow the teeter action a bit and give you more lift off? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  91. Center for Wellbeing

    Center for WellbeingПре месец

    Love the innovation behind this......great job

  92. Joshua Seemann

    Joshua SeemannПре месец

    Why’d you change your name

  93. GR45

    GR45Пре месец

    Time for your buddy to put up or shut up! 😂😂😂

  94. Niks Daniels Dacjuks

    Niks Daniels DacjuksПре месец

    Use scrapwood from pallets.

  95. Clipz

    ClipzПре месец

    Mrbeast should ride his track considering they both live in North Carolina

  96. Shanley Alber

    Shanley AlberПре месец

    you should somehow look it down

  97. richard barton

    richard bartonПре месец

    Good your thinking outside the box, I remember Motocross without tables and doubles , there must be some more features to be invented eh !

  98. Kronos OG

    Kronos OGПре месец

    Where is that

  99. Bayden DOWSETT

    Bayden DOWSETTПре месец

    Keep up the hard work man great job

  100. Nicholas von Dietze

    Nicholas von DietzeПре месец

    i liked the music ngl

  101. Ford Ranger Ford

    Ford Ranger FordПре месец

    Seth said at some point they have to make a by pass what if you make two teeter cannons?