Mountain Bike Gear Station with Integrated Charging for Bike Lights

Ahead of a docu-series (To be announced) we're trying to finish all pending shop projects. This video and the next Berm Peak Express video will be the last time we do shop projects for a while. Spring is around the corner, and the longer daylight hours should allow for more on the trails. Either way, enjoy this one.
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  1. Shannon Priestley

    Shannon PriestleyПре 2 дана

    What did he plug in under his seat at 8:09?

  2. Jordan Rosiek

    Jordan RosiekПре 4 дана

    I made that same mistake with the stopper on the drill bit for the pocket hole jig...!

  3. Cody Wharton

    Cody WhartonПре 12 дана

    French Cleats would work good for mounting stuff in your shop

  4. Some random GUY

    Some random GUYПре 16 дана

    0:25 sorry i just have a dirty mind

  5. Irving Abbott

    Irving AbbottПре 19 дана

    This is beautiful...... just watching you do this was like a dream come true.. I need to do the same thing to my garage.

  6. SamAwesome08

    SamAwesome08Пре 19 дана

    At school we did a project where we needed to make a chair, it took us 6-8 weeks with 90 minute sessions twice a week, while he does this so fricking fast

  7. Ryan McComas

    Ryan McComasПре 21 дан

    Seth has the best knees out of anyone his age

  8. Hudson Hollatz

    Hudson HollatzПре 21 дан

    Curtis face. Yay we finally get to see him

  9. Fireball Ragez

    Fireball RagezПре 23 дана

    Oscar is soooooo cute

  10. Hudson Clayton

    Hudson ClaytonПре 27 дана

    You should get a Rocky Mountain bike and test out ride-9

  11. Scott Davidson

    Scott DavidsonПре 27 дана

    Anyone know what bike stands Seth is using? (8m11s) Thanks and great video! 😁👍

  12. Giroux68

    Giroux68Пре 29 дана

    How much perfect lumber has been ruined by misplaced pocket holes?

  13. Wilson For Bikes

    Wilson For BikesПре месец

    Who else misses drama

  14. suicide cyclist

    suicide cyclistПре месец

    I've now hit the stage of boredom where I am watching a guy I don't know organising his garage. 😐

  15. spooky crossaint

    spooky crossaintПре месец

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  16. Cameron Kuzma

    Cameron KuzmaПре месец

    can we have a house tour please

  17. Insanity vlogs

    Insanity vlogsПре месец

    Seth has $100,000 worth of bikes and parts Also Seth thinks wood is to expensive

  18. Troy Caunan

    Troy CaunanПре месец

    Dude if you have old bike light send it to philippines at manila

  19. Steven Pearce

    Steven PearceПре месец

    What are the metal bike stands? I need those!

  20. Blacklist Gaming

    Blacklist GamingПре месец

    2:53 that sound😅🤣

  21. Oscar Patterson

    Oscar PattersonПре месец

    Would you happen to know if the kali full face helmet is any good?

  22. Zander Kollatz

    Zander KollatzПре месец

    i really wish i could afford a good mountain bike

  23. Cosmos Town

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  24. Jaheim Cameron

    Jaheim CameronПре 2 месеца

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  25. M

    MПре 2 месеца

    This has to be one of the most satisfying videos I have ever watched. I may just need to watch it again.

  26. Sketch Bros

    Sketch BrosПре 2 месеца

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    Juan Gabriel AbuelПре 2 месеца

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    Alex LeskoПре 2 месеца

    just the determination of getting the prefect shot for all the viewers and blowing another seam. that's just so awesome

  31. Drew brown

    Drew brownПре 2 месеца

    I love watching cable and took organisation. Let's me imagine how good I can make things look when I get somewhere with more space. My walls and ceiling of the 4x8' cupboard I have to all my tools and camping gear in

  32. Abdul Rasid

    Abdul RasidПре 2 месеца

    Can I please have a bike

  33. Isabelle Acebes

    Isabelle AcebesПре 2 месеца

    Seth bike please?

  34. Winston Warb

    Winston WarbПре 2 месеца

    10:11 the cutest part. Seth that puppy is so cute

  35. Tec66

    Tec66Пре 2 месеца

    *Who is Curtis? And what’s his role? Does he live with Seth?*

  36. Christopher Haraburda

    Christopher HaraburdaПре 2 месеца

    What usb charging hub is that?

  37. Victoria the green cheek conure

    Victoria the green cheek conureПре 2 месеца

    Why didn’t seth use helmetor for the helmets

  38. Tony den Hoed

    Tony den HoedПре 2 месеца

    That shelf makes my OCD very happy.

  39. Bruce Hewat

    Bruce HewatПре 2 месеца

    Wolf spiders. Having one of those wander across my keyboard would certainly get my attention.

  40. Ben Williams

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  41. Matt Peevy

    Matt PeevyПре 2 месеца

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  42. AMG playz

    AMG playzПре 2 месеца

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  43. DiogoTheguy

    DiogoTheguyПре 2 месеца

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  44. Keloya 1

    Keloya 1Пре 2 месеца

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  45. Benjamin Evans

    Benjamin EvansПре 2 месеца

    Did he really have the half bike on a stand?

  46. Adam Lake

    Adam LakeПре 2 месеца

    "no no honey, it's for the channel... It's my job"

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    DaividuПре 2 месеца

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    Noah SharpПре 2 месеца

    I want info on the lil pup

  49. Raf Gaming

    Raf GamingПре 2 месеца

    I love these kind of videos. I love Woodwork and biking and would love to be able to do this one day

  50. Sufyan Shahid

    Sufyan ShahidПре 3 месеца

    I'm disliking this video as how they "now we can stare at it and purposely puts a raid shadow legends add🤣🤣

  51. Carl C Hedemalm

    Carl C HedemalmПре 3 месеца

    i love home improvement projects like the garage work

  52. Kyle Nightingale

    Kyle NightingaleПре 3 месеца

    Watching this in mid July. I miss Drama and seeing him and Oscar was a bitter sweet moment. Rip Drama - Berm Peek Trail Boss

  53. Oana Tudor

    Oana TudorПре дан

    Drama wasnt just a good boy. He was the best boy ;(

  54. Gabriel Elmaliah

    Gabriel ElmaliahПре 3 месеца

    what company is yout stand drill?

  55. 519 - MTB

    519 - MTBПре 3 месеца

    Funny my woodshop knows Craig, the guy that invented the kreg jig (pocket holes)

  56. Rumi Loghmani

    Rumi LoghmaniПре 3 месеца

    Has any more info of the docu series come out yet?

  57. Bri C

    Bri CПре 3 месеца

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    Honda rider ATVsПре 3 месеца

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  59. Dean Connley

    Dean ConnleyПре 3 месеца

    You should put handlebar grips on dowels for the helmet pegs. That would look pretty cool. I might try it!

  60. 10 stone o' bones

    10 stone o' bonesПре 3 месеца

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  61. Proffesor Cock

    Proffesor CockПре 3 месеца

    I cant imagine what the electrical bill is

  62. thomas greeno

    thomas greenoПре 3 месеца

    Inspired me on this humid ass summer day. Gonna turn my extra room into a bike storage and workshop. Lets hope i can stay motivated!

  63. Tyrone The lion

    Tyrone The lionПре 2 месеца

    Any updates?

  64. Max Coleman

    Max ColemanПре 3 месеца

    For the racks you could have just put them on an angle

  65. Ya mums ya dad Yee yee

    Ya mums ya dad Yee yeeПре 3 месеца

    Really really good job mate

  66. Antonio Gomez

    Antonio GomezПре 3 месеца

    this channel is more than just a bike.. its life...

  67. Angelo Ciocca

    Angelo CioccaПре 3 месеца

    Seth what is the name of that bike stand you have holding up the bikes in front of the gear station?

  68. Grant Dutrieux

    Grant DutrieuxПре 3 месеца

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  69. Bedwaws

    BedwawsПре 3 месеца

    10:00 man I didn’t think Oscar slept

  70. Gold -_-

    Gold -_-Пре 3 месеца

    Seth are you a clean freak


    HARI SUBRAMANIANПре 3 месеца

    Fans from india

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    Jordon O'Neill-CharueskiПре 3 месеца

    i love your videos seth, i get so exited when theres a new video!!

  76. Ben Morris

    Ben MorrisПре 3 месеца

    Can u do like a list of essential tools to have in your workshop please it would be appreciated

  77. Moto Rider94

    Moto Rider94Пре 3 месеца

    R.I.P Drama - Drams

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    Robert BennettПре 3 месеца

    Seth how tall are you actually? I've heard you call yourself short a few times, and after seeing you stand next to Johnny Brook, I got to wondering. I'm 5'4".

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    I love this channel i have 2 road bikes and one hard tail mountain bike getting a full suspension mountain bike soon

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    zreuanПре 4 месеца

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  92. Orlando Batlle

    Orlando BatlleПре месец

    Same here! If you figure out what kind they are let me know.

  93. fastplayer90

    fastplayer90Пре 4 месеца

    Seth should get a 3D-printer for little hooks and holders for his gear. Also I'd be intrested in what he would come up in terms of bike hacks...

  94. Aless De Bock

    Aless De BockПре 4 месеца

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  96. blairis22

    blairis22Пре 4 месеца

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  97. Stollsy Moto

    Stollsy MotoПре 4 месеца

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    theRealgblumПре 4 месеца

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