RC Cars vs Berm Peak! Can these cheap RC’s make it to the top?

Today we really are doing something a little different; driving RC cars! By audience request, we’re going to take these RC’s on Berm Peak, see if they can climb to the top, and then attempt some of the jumps-that’s easier said than done. Normally we’re doing mountain bike stuff, but today the mountain bike trails are pretty sloppy.
Berm Peak Comanche amzn.to/2ECUSzT
It turns out that this is a WPL C24, and there are a lot of parts for it around the Internet! You could turn this little thing into a sweet truck, but out of the box it’s super jank and will need some tightening up.
Berm Peak Dune Buggy amzn.to/3gH58nT
This thing is a killing machine right out of the box, but I highly recommend upgrading to this battery for maximum braap! amzn.to/3gApqQ3
Berm Peak Trophy Truck amzn.to/2EIIDC1
Capable as it is, this truck doesn’t seem all that fast, and at $120 you might be better off stepping up to something that’s easier to find parts for.
Berm Peak Merch
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    Andrew MTBПре 20 дана

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