The beginner MTB toolbox

So you’re new to mountain biking, but may or may not be new to tools. Either way, you want to get started maintaining your mountain bike. These are the very first tools you’ll need to perform the vast majority of repairs. As you get down to more advanced repairs like bleeding brakes, replacing bottom brackets, and pressing headsets, you’ll most certainly need additional tools. For your first year though, this should easily cover it.
Not including the floor pump, you can get a box and fill it for under $100.
Here are the tools featured in the video, with economical and premium options listed:
Floor Pump
Hex Wrenches (Allen Keys)
Three Way
Tire Levers
Shock Pump
Bike Multi Tool
General Multi Tool
Needle Nose Pliers
Adjustable Wrench
Torx Wrench (star shaped bolt)
Just T25
Full Set Eco
Full Set Pro
Torque Wrench (to tighten things to spec)
Chain tool
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    MattFromWorkПре 9 дана

    I bought those bondhus hex wrenches on Amazon for 12 USD & some change. Best purchase and imo the most needed item in this video.

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    Glue a magnet to the tray.

  4. Rizwin Mlp

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    Do a video unboxing avon element cost 1000+

  5. Aqib Hussain

    Aqib HussainПре 26 дана

    If I install a shorter stem would I need a torque wrench and if I do can someone reply with a reasonable price one

  6. Mark Simmons

    Mark SimmonsПре месец

    Love the video. Used the video as a tutorial to get my first bike tools. What about a torque wrench?

  7. Bruno Alves

    Bruno AlvesПре месец

    Under $100 before COVID-19. Now at least 2 times more expensive.

  8. sen pai

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    *just bought a screwdriver in 0.20 cents in india it's ₹15*

  9. RowRowYourBoat0 memes

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    My bike has 'preject'. What does that mean?

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    Thanks bro .. that's more than what we need .. I wish a good person like you was a Muslim

  11. Matthew Jones

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    When you get hex wrenches get a set of L shaped ones and 3 T handles 4mm 5mm 6mm

  12. Ike Branstad

    Ike BranstadПре месец

    What video covers torque wrenches???

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    Masking tape can help you to remove glue from sticker)

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    Black tape

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    The cranck brothers m 10 is a good alternative for the t 10 multitool

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    I love your videos and the fact that you love this sport and you are a giver 👍🏻

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    More toolbox videos please

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    Haha, I have a tool box and have almost none of these

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    Ride berm peak

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    Where can I get some Seth stickers for my toolbox?

  25. Eden Saywell

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    I always keep by tools in an old shoe box, and use the lid as a"tray"

  26. Owel Taxz

    Owel TaxzПре 3 месеца

    First bike specific tool i bought is the bleed kit. My bored dog chewed the back brake hose, good thing when i cut it, the remainibg hose is still lobg enough

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    In a tool box you also need steak

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    guys does seth use bolt thoght axels ?

  29. Noa Klaus

    Noa KlausПре 3 месеца

    "...and protecting them from your friends and family, who will surely lose them." I am currently learning that the hard way as my brother is assembeling he's new bed and whole apartmen, and forgets to return it to me every single day. This has been goeing on for two weeks now, and I am stuck with a broken front deraileur and tree miss match hex wrenches that my dad bought in yugoslavia that inbeded themselfs in first time I used them. This is shit!

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    Simply amazing! :) thumbs up!

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  33. OnTheOpblock OffTheOpblock

    OnTheOpblock OffTheOpblockПре 3 месеца

    4:06 I’ve been using Draper versions which are a bit cheaper than bohndus but have been holding up great

  34. Julian Brooks

    Julian BrooksПре 3 месеца

    That leatherman is a lifesaver.

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  38. Shuaizu

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    You keep shittin' on Harbor Freight and yet they have nothing to do with it. See the brand on the tool? It's their fault if it sucks. It's like when people shit on Walmart when they also have nothing to do with the product quality.

  39. thecodipheriousone

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    I bought a veeape battery bike pump on Amazon it's pretty cool

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    So I was just going down the list and after only putting the eco pick set, the bike multi-tool ($30 f-15), eco shock pump, and eco wrench set in my amazon cart the price was already exceeding $90 - that's a crazy price jump!

  42. Chimps and Chains

    Chimps and ChainsПре 4 месеца

    Big tip, I always loose my Allan wrenches/ any small tools, so I sprayed mine with neon spray paint. Your welcome 🙏

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    Your videos are very informative and funny! You're my new favorite follow!

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    Me: spends 70 dollars on stickers and 40 dollars on tools

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    This is exactly what I'm looking for, answers my question, what do I need for a beginner's toolbox. Thanks a lot Seth.

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    Quite thankful I work in the motor trade for once, I have most of these tools 👌

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    Silverline sells T-handle hex wrenches for real cheap Edit: the small sizes are now starting to wear out.

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  62. Jacko's Outdoor Adventures

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  63. Grimmrok

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    Right now is probably not the best time to get into the hobby due to there being little work and thus thin paychecks, but i used my last paycheck to buy my first mountain bike, and will probably be using my next one for some tools, and I'll be using this video as a guide. Thanks

  64. James Bowart

    James BowartПре 5 месеци

    Another thing to add is a small can of WD-40 it has saved me soo much like a very ruff chain on the cogs

  65. homosap.IAN1991

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    I use a small tackle box to carry basic tools and small replacement parts. The fold out trays are amazing to us for bicycle tool kits

  66. Everett Williamson

    Everett WilliamsonПре 5 месеци

    Hex wrenches from Harbor freight they’re not that bad they’re not that bad wait till you’re a real mechanic and you need them and then they snap on you then you actually realize what they are

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  68. Thijs Sonderman

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    Any tips on how to get mtb stickers fast, my water bottle, toolbox etc are looking kind of empty

  69. thancrus

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    throw a couple of large silica gel packets in your tool box itll cut down on rust

  70. oliver cox

    oliver coxПре 6 месеци

    My dad worked in a bike shop and had more than enough tools and when i got my first mtb he lent me his tools and i take it for granted that most people cantfford many tools

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