Tour of my Home Bike Shop after almost 2 years

It’s been almost two years since I built my home bike shop. Today, we’re going to do a little build project and then take a tour of the Hack Shack. What worked? What didn’t? Find out in this video.
Original Build Video
Fat Biking the Wake of a Cruise Ship
Retractable Power Cord
Foam Flooring: (I needed 240 square feet for my 1 car garage)
LED Strip:
Vertical Bike Rack
Bike Hook:
Charging Brick


  1. CLUB145

    CLUB145Пре 17 дана

    when i cut pipe i use a chainsaw just make sure you drain the chain oil first as the pipe has oils in it when it heats up from been cut

  2. Traveling Kaspers World

    Traveling Kaspers WorldПре месец

    Looks perfect. Well...there is maybe one suggestion, a small change that could help you. In this world of tiny houses, and with your skills....I could see you converting the garage into a Chic Tiny House. This would leave the rest of the house open for expanding the bike shop!!!!

  3. dgriffinm

    dgriffinmПре месец

    Hey I work for Ferguson in Phoenix AZ

  4. unleash your pain

    unleash your painПре месец


  5. LoganDuckThomas#1 Best

    LoganDuckThomas#1 BestПре месец

    Are you still selling the Dude Disk?

  6. Ameya Joshi

    Ameya JoshiПре месец

    Awesome it is ....!

  7. Donot Robme

    Donot RobmeПре 2 месеца

    At :41 seconds in, does anyone see Seth’s cartoon emoji face in the back of the shoes???? It’s there!!!!

  8. Silas Marvin

    Silas MarvinПре 2 месеца

    Congratulations on 2 million!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  9. amtoo55

    amtoo55Пре 2 месеца

    I want to be like Seth

  10. Cormac Rohda

    Cormac RohdaПре 2 месеца

    Seth if u want ur silver button to match the gold one you can order a new design silver one from RSclub awards

  11. Josh Face

    Josh FaceПре 2 месеца

    Little did he know within the next 8 months he would be selling his house and moving...

  12. OhMyGulay

    OhMyGulayПре 3 месеца

    RIP Drama

  13. iinkoAnimates

    iinkoAnimatesПре 4 месеца

    8:38 "the spot that looks the cleanest is where I spilled break oil" press x to doubt

  14. Matater Tots

    Matater TotsПре 4 месеца

    How did you get that usb in first try??

  15. Brisdad53

    Brisdad53Пре 4 месеца

    Rules for archaeologists: If you find 1 stone, it's a stone. 2 stones is a wall, 3 stones is a structure (usually a chapel). And if you don't know what you have, call it "ritual" (I have a t-shirt that says 'IT'S RITUAL"). Thousands of years from now, some field archaeologist will look at that shoe rack and proclaim it as ritual, likely having to do with a "stairway to honor your ancestors" or the great serpent God, "Diamondback"!

  16. bananas stuff

    bananas stuffПре 2 месеца


  17. bmxscape

    bmxscapeПре 4 месеца

    have you cleaned those gutters out recently

  18. JackNatti

    JackNattiПре 5 месеци

    1:13 idk why I laughed at that

  19. Theo fillette

    Theo filletteПре 5 месеци

    Your garage is so beautiful, it's my dream 😍very good job man. cuckoo from France

  20. Gossie

    GossieПре 5 месеци

    Seth: This retractable extension cord. I will never have a workspace without one for as long as I live. I believe Castle Braap has no retractable extension cord. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  21. Hayden Harves

    Hayden HarvesПре 2 месеца

    He may have it mounted under the workbench or something like that, but good point

  22. Andy Heilmann

    Andy HeilmannПре 5 месеци

    Does berm peak have a retractable cord?

  23. Beneke Outdoors

    Beneke OutdoorsПре 6 месеци

    Screw some sheet metal on top to protect it

  24. Lucas Snyder

    Lucas SnyderПре 6 месеци

    I year later he in his new shop he doesn’t have a extension cord reel

  25. tom szyb

    tom szybПре 6 месеци

    Idiot ....

  26. EP Life

    EP LifeПре 6 месеци

    2019: This is the best shop 2020: Berm peak enters the chat....

  27. ReCycle Spinning

    ReCycle SpinningПре 6 месеци

    I guess the PVC idea is good, they can be cleaned with a spray hose .

  28. Raul Sanchez

    Raul SanchezПре 7 месеци

    Pretty sweet

  29. Rands G

    Rands GПре 7 месеци

    B I K E S H O P

  30. Tyler

    TylerПре 8 месеци

    Tbh I like the videos about setting up your shop as much as I like your bike videos, if not more

  31. Gregory Patzelt

    Gregory PatzeltПре 8 месеци

    Damn I'm jealous of that work space man

  32. Common Sense Patriot

    Common Sense PatriotПре 8 месеци

    Very nice!

  33. Bass bikes bows and bullets

    Bass bikes bows and bulletsПре 8 месеци

    Omg when r we gona see the 3 door huge mural at your new house 😉

  34. Stephen Lydon

    Stephen LydonПре 8 месеци

    You can replace the floor mats with horse stall mats. They are cheap and much stronger. Commonly used in home gyms for free weights.

  35. Ebrahim Seedat

    Ebrahim SeedatПре 9 месеци

    Who's watching in 2020? Amazing how Seth's words in the end of the video came true. Keep inspiring us Seth!

  36. James Wells

    James WellsПре 9 месеци

    Seth’s life hacks

  37. Dan The Man 247

    Dan The Man 247Пре 9 месеци

    Does anyone know the name of the first song that's playing at the very beginning of the video? Thanks!

  38. Ezra R.

    Ezra R.Пре 10 месеци

    Wanna bone?

  39. Rolands Gēgermanis

    Rolands GēgermanisПре 10 месеци

    Get some linseed oil and use it on your table. It will darken the wood slightly and will look more even and keep wood from aging . It is cheap and with great results.

  40. Seheu7dy egged yucycyf

    Seheu7dy egged yucycyfПре 10 месеци

    End of year comment

  41. Jakerz

    JakerzПре 10 месеци

    The pegboard looks awesome, but I feel ya on how fast it goes south lol. They make metal pegboard, kinda want to try some on it on day. Great video man and awesome garage!

  42. Ryan Perry

    Ryan PerryПре 10 месеци

    whats the pump in the left corner @ 6:25 ?

  43. send toes

    send toesПре 10 месеци

    what kinda camera does he use for riding

  44. Bryson Berhorst

    Bryson BerhorstПре 11 месеци

    his extension cord is absent in his next shop

  45. Alex

    AlexПре 11 месеци

    Why is there a compartment labelled "Bacon" between "velcro" and "tape"?? And why is there no bacon in it?

  46. hephaestus

    hephaestusПре 11 месеци

    1:14 made me laugh way harder than it should have 😂

  47. Maxwell Hogan

    Maxwell HoganПре 11 месеци


  48. Golpo

    GolpoПре 11 месеци

    your bed is bike wheels ?

  49. Billy Pat

    Billy PatПре 11 месеци

    If you get steel peg board, that is really durable.

  50. Evan Haddow

    Evan HaddowПре 11 месеци

    One question Seth Does your wife ride bikes with u Enyway love your videos fella keep up the amazing videos

  51. raffael penjor

    raffael penjorПре 11 месеци

    is it just me or does his camera randomly start to flicker

  52. gignas1992

    gignas1992Пре годину

    dude, for more than half a year im procrastinating to clean and reorganise my moms/my garage in to partly bike workshop... but when i saw few of your videos i feel that i cant wait until i can get my hands on that after some other necessary stuff/work will be done!!! thank you for ideas and videos overall !! :)

  53. gignas1992

    gignas1992Пре годину

    by the way greetings from Lithuania. come visit our country, we have nice national parks with plenty roads for cx/gravel/xc bikes ;)

  54. ytk at yt

    ytk at ytПре годину

    Lol you've should open a shop out of all the shit you've got Seth's bike service😂😂

  55. micky pitt

    micky pittПре годину

    Never have the bench vice tight over night because it will split

  56. Liam Van Acker

    Liam Van AckerПре годину

    Seth u shoud buy a bigger house

  57. Kirsten Barry

    Kirsten BarryПре годину

    What would you use instead of peg board?

  58. Kebdeb

    KebdebПре годину

    love this video

  59. James Nolan

    James NolanПре годину

    1:14 use a big band saw ?

  60. Robert Oastler

    Robert OastlerПре годину

    'I will never have a workspace without one for as long as I live" but then makes another workspace a berm peak and doesn't use one lol

  61. princeterri

    princeterriПре годину

    wow, that's a lot of tools, any idea how much everything cost?

  62. DiggingTheBurger

    DiggingTheBurgerПре годину

    U have a bike shop wow

  63. Rishee Deshmukh

    Rishee DeshmukhПре годину

    That's not a GARAGE! That's a 5 star hotel room

  64. Fin

    FinПре годину

    When you didn’t think it could get any better he moves to castle peak

  65. Adrienne Kavanaugh

    Adrienne KavanaughПре 11 месеци

    Berm peak

  66. Medo779

    Medo779Пре годину

    Castle brapp

  67. Teagan Smith

    Teagan SmithПре годину

    Tbh seth could have flipped the foam flooring over

  68. Brian Stutt

    Brian StuttПре годину

    Love your videos Seth and you gotta clean your gutter.

  69. Mason Lewis

    Mason LewisПре годину

    The giant nut is the worlds biggest paper weight

  70. iMax25

    iMax25Пре годину

    why dont you make a bike repairing station (a shop for people who cant repair their bikes and will pay you to do that)

  71. Kyle Watson

    Kyle WatsonПре годину

    Cut it into thirds and use it as a unique and skinny bike feature for the brand new Berm Peak

  72. Nathan Knight

    Nathan KnightПре годину

    Why u so good at DIY 😂

  73. andrew Voegtle

    andrew VoegtleПре годину

    Seth hinted at him moving back in this video

  74. Sean Jarylle Fasomingo

    Sean Jarylle FasomingoПре годину

    Can i have the trek plsss

  75. Kenny Keagy

    Kenny KeagyПре годину

    Any chance you could make a quick tutorial on how to make that wall hanger for bikes.

  76. Fire 115

    Fire 115Пре годину

    6:32 r/nofapafter3months

  77. Nutty

    NuttyПре годину

    Bold of you to assume anyone will be alive in 1000 years 🤣

  78. Forged Anvil

    Forged AnvilПре годину

    Seth what’s your take on single front sprocket and add lower sprockets to rear?? Trek Marlin 5 I’m pretty much a beginner . Thanks

  79. BurningJah

    BurningJahПре годину

    Six months later the day has come! He will start again in a three door garage. Can’t wait

  80. ツneljetski

    ツneljetskiПре годину

    anybody else here after he moved to berm peak

  81. Thomas Smith

    Thomas SmithПре годину

    You need a mini fridge

  82. felixkl

    felixklПре годину

    shows up on my feed today and nice shop! till the end, looks like the gutter needs to be cleaned to avoid possible damage...

  83. SquishyBiker

    SquishyBikerПре годину

    Looks like I might have a 5m x 5m workshop space for the bike workshop - looking forward to more workshop vids!

  84. K_Buckley03

    K_Buckley03Пре годину

    That brass nut is from my Walmart bikes wheel

  85. ThomasLaang

    ThomasLaangПре годину

    What's that big work light? I need it! :-)

  86. JTMarlin8

    JTMarlin8Пре годину

    When do you think you'll reach 10 billion subscribers?

  87. Bustin Fatty Roosts Bro

    Bustin Fatty Roosts BroПре годину

    what helmet do you use. im looking for a nice full face helmet that will be comfortable for all day use under 200$

  88. Jack Day

    Jack DayПре годину

    Use Swiss tracks

  89. Brody pirkle

    Brody pirkleПре годину


  90. kainpwnsu

    kainpwnsuПре годину

    Something I use more than expected is a pair of hemostats with curved and ridged jaws. Perfect for pulling and placing ball bearings, holding cable and tubing in place, and untangling grass deep down in cassettes, to name a few. A magnetic parts cup is also essential, and cheap (I see you, too park it in your vice's anvil). You have insipred me to get a ceiling mounted power cable!

  91. R_O'Neill11

    R_O'Neill11Пре годину

    9:18 You need to clean ur gutters

  92. Andy

    AndyПре годину

    Hey Seth you should let me polish your brass nut

  93. Nemanja Mitrov

    Nemanja MitrovПре годину

    That nut also serves for self-defense.

  94. cool music

    cool musicПре годину

    The top of the bench, I would cover it in sheet metal. Do a update video on the under the porch storage area.

  95. Jayden Keevil

    Jayden KeevilПре годину

    3:17 why does it say bacon?

  96. Sam Whaley

    Sam WhaleyПре годину

    Jayden Keevil bacon strips

  97. Jami Moilanen

    Jami MoilanenПре годину

    So your garage is a shop? Where you sell things or do you fix bikes or is it something else than a shop?

  98. river person

    river personПре годину

    Seth i have the same LED lights in my room i got them of off amazon for £14.99

  99. Christian Burrell

    Christian BurrellПре годину

    Thank you Seth. Your videos of the shop inspired me to build my own repair shop in my garage. You’d notice some similarities between my designs and yours. But “Crisco’s Crankworks” is uniquely my own. Next time you are in Utah, drop me a line on your way to Eric Porter’s place and come see. I’d love to put a photo of us on the wall.

  100. Johnathan Fillowitch

    Johnathan FillowitchПре годину

    Get a retractable light

  101. dusneed

    dusneedПре годину

    Horse stall mats are really good for floors

  102. Volunteer Fisherman

    Volunteer FishermanПре годину

    Best recommendation for beginner mountain bike under $400??

  103. JJ_ TRA

    JJ_ TRAПре годину

    Diamondback overdrive

  104. Alex Craven

    Alex CravenПре годину

    I would not change the floor, it has stories with every stain

  105. Unknown 9173

    Unknown 9173Пре годину

    why waste time and cutting stuff when you could’ve just bought a real shoe rack?..

  106. Adrienne Kavanaugh

    Adrienne KavanaughПре годину

    4:53 Haha be missed the outlet!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  107. Koen Rampersad

    Koen RampersadПре годину

    I have the same LED’s