What I learned from crashing on big jumps at Whistler Bike Park

In another video, we talked about how mountain biking can relieve stress. This is only true when you're using mountain biking as an escape-not when it's the actual CAUSE of the stress.
This week’s video takes place at Whistler Bike Park, and is a story about how your mental state can get you hurt on a mountain bike. In my case, feeling relaxed and happy makes me ride great. Feeling pressured and preoccupied to ride certain things almost always leads to injury. This is why so many people crash on their “last lap”. The park patrol medic even called it “the Witching hour”.
In this video, delays on getting footage led to preoccupation, and then to poor riding. Sound familiar?
There’s also a lesson about practice. I haven’t ridden big jumps since last summer, yet I jumped into a bigger trail than I had ever ridden after just a few days at Whistler. As someone with a history of riding poorly under pressure, this was not a smart idea.
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    Trusting your gut is the best measure. If you feel hesitant or scared to crash, that is a sign your skill might not be up to par or you don't have access to large features (in that case, you're kinda riding at your own risk). Being able to ride big jumps requires knowing how to and trying successfully to maneuver the bike. No offense, but I feel you are kind of a straight shooter or floater when you jump. Brake control, lifting, pumping, and fluid motions. Most people don't whip or kick out to the side for fun as much as to create a smooth transfer and traction when they land. Practice on a dirt jumper on some medium jumps. My favorite training rhythm section is 7 jumps, 5 or 6ft tall with a 6 to 10ft ft gap, one right hip, one left, and a fork at the end with an optional trick jump (6ft tall with a steep lip, narrow gap and massive landing). That being said, I can 360 out of a quarter to flat or on a box, but i have yet to try over any of these jumps. Just because of my gut feeling. But I know the day is coming soon as the motions feels more and more present in my mind. Just keep riding Seth. You're a badass old man lmao jkjkjk

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