What will Phil Build on Berm Creek? | Trail Boss for a Day

My backyard mountain bike trails are about to get a makeover. Today, Skills with Phil is calling the shots on Berm Creek. You could say he's "Philling in" while I'm injured.
In addition to Phil, Kevin stopped by to dig for the day which ended up making all the difference.
We made some adjustments to the "trouble double" and even built a brand new surprise feature off the sicknic table. Today is gonna be a good day!
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  1. Bike Ninja

    Bike NinjaПре 15 дана

    nice works guys, love that Sicnic table...looks so fun!

  2. Dae Kim

    Dae KimПре месец

    Phil just goes for it and makes everything look easy.

  3. Luke Gregory

    Luke GregoryПре месец

    Love that Phil wasn't taking that helmet off one bit!!! 😂

  4. Fire Fellow

    Fire FellowПре месец

    little does he know what adventures are coming at his next home

  5. brozerker YT

    brozerker YTПре 2 месеца

    name change !

  6. dane greer

    dane greerПре 3 месеца

    Good to see Phil wearing protection while building

  7. Pulled Pork

    Pulled PorkПре 3 месеца

    2:28 Mike Rowe adjustments

  8. Pulled Pork

    Pulled PorkПре 3 месеца

    Phlannel Phil

  9. PKI 888*

    PKI 888*Пре 3 месеца

    Wgat can we put in an eight minute long video seth? Seth:Yes

  10. Rubiks Killer

    Rubiks KillerПре 4 месеца

    I just got 2 unskipable 15 second ads😭

  11. CG Computers

    CG ComputersПре 6 месеци

    I love how he wore his helmet the hole video even when working on the jumps😂

  12. HT cubes

    HT cubesПре 7 месеци

    Wow I would love to ride this

  13. ANGUS Singleton

    ANGUS SingletonПре 8 месеци

    Did anyone notice phil had his helmet on the whole time

  14. Team Garske

    Team GarskeПре 9 месеци

    Bru if we used a frikin tiller at my place the blades would break off once you turn it on.

  15. Team Garske

    Team GarskeПре 9 месеци

    Spoiler in the future you will move to North Carolina and have a while backyard called berm peak 🤯😱

  16. Augustas Tolkačiovas

    Augustas TolkačiovasПре 9 месеци

    phil has a sick mustache.

  17. Gabe Goodman

    Gabe GoodmanПре 10 месеци

    Has phill not learned from Seth’s mistake!

  18. Mountain bike Adventures 123

    Mountain bike Adventures 123Пре 4 месеца

    Phil not philllllllll

  19. Travels of fastjet

    Travels of fastjetПре 10 месеци

    You guys fixing and building a trail Me looking at my back yard to see if I can build a backyard trail

  20. Harry Findlay

    Harry FindlayПре 11 месеци

    Whose watching this now when he’s building trails at berm peak

  21. QuacklQuacks

    QuacklQuacksПре годину

    Anyone else think that he was going to jump off the deck to hit the picnic table jump for a second

  22. James Graziadei

    James GraziadeiПре годину

    2 ½ people 😕

  23. Henry Amundson

    Henry AmundsonПре годину

    1000th comment

  24. olliefitzyy

    olliefitzyyПре годину

    We only have 2 and a half people???

  25. Benjitv123 ?

    Benjitv123 ?Пре годину

    I wish I could ride here

  26. Johnny Chimpo

    Johnny ChimpoПре годину

    After a long "Wellnes-Weekend" his wife come home again and ask him with tears in the eye´s- why are you doing this with our backyard... :-)

  27. MyNameIsBoring

    MyNameIsBoringПре годину

    is seth alright

  28. MyNameIsBoring

    MyNameIsBoringПре годину


  29. Botond oppenauer

    Botond oppenauerПре годину

    those Phill have accent? do i hear things?

  30. Union Pacific

    Union PacificПре годину

    Dang weather is great for December, I guess it is the south

  31. LOL raul1335

    LOL raul1335Пре годину

    Guess who also broke his clavicle as well? Me...

  32. Luis Sierra

    Luis SierraПре годину

    Fast recovery dude

  33. 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    10,000 subscribers without any videosПре годину

    SETHHHHHHHHH!!!! Dude you should build the most janky wall ride, it would be sick!!!!!

  34. Mark Kiernan

    Mark KiernanПре годину

    2 and a half people????????

  35. Daniel Borkin

    Daniel BorkinПре годину

    I’m a 12 year old and a beginner so this looks terrifying

  36. Baystate Motocross

    Baystate MotocrossПре годину

    Did anyone else rewatch berm creek vids after he announced that he is moving

  37. Soggy Juice

    Soggy JuiceПре годину

    What was that little machine you used to cut the grass

  38. Quaka With a beer

    Quaka With a beerПре годину

    You should try to build a bike cable cart

  39. cool music

    cool musicПре годину

    Would this it of been easier to reangle the picnic table?

  40. Connor Woodward

    Connor WoodwardПре годину

    Does anybody else think it is weird that he said “ we only have 2 and a half people” ( at 1:43 )???

  41. Bamboo

    BambooПре годину

    I wish my wife would let me do this in my backyard......your’s is a keeper Seth !

  42. Shawn Highfill

    Shawn HighfillПре годину

    I have 13 acres to work with, except a small corner which will have our house soon. Totally raw sage brush. All with a down hill slope. Help me lay out my own Berm Creek.

  43. ツneljetski

    ツneljetskiПре годину

    instead of doing all this, i say start digging up all of them land mines

  44. Fusion_ Camo

    Fusion_ CamoПре годину

    We have done that using a smaller ramp then land and made of wood with a bigger gap and going slower than you and made it with only 1 crash out of 10

  45. Hello Hello

    Hello HelloПре годину

    Nice to see Phil “Philling in”

  46. Prajwal Pingali

    Prajwal PingaliПре годину

    That's what he does in bed with his girl!

  47. Will Edwards

    Will EdwardsПре годину

    Kevin is steady spin right?

  48. Nathan Brewer

    Nathan BrewerПре годину

    Wait, 2 and a HALF people... I don't even want to know what they did to get half of a human.

  49. Nathan Brewer

    Nathan BrewerПре годину

    Wait, 2 and a HALF people... I don't even want to know what they did to get half of a human.

  50. Brogan S

    Brogan SПре годину

    I want to ride berm creek

  51. Josiah Wark

    Josiah WarkПре годину

    Just going to send it?

  52. The Bikeworxs net

    The Bikeworxs netПре годину

    Awesome video Seth, I like the way you made the roller/jump

  53. Hun ter

    Hun terПре годину

    6:00 shot on Android

  54. Prime 05

    Prime 05Пре годину

    It’s so good to build jumps when u have nice soft dirt and it’s not hard like s rock or really dry the soft the nice with moisture soil works the best for jumps 👌🏻

  55. Alan M. Newman

    Alan M. NewmanПре годину

    Seth, you need another acre!

  56. Drew young

    Drew youngПре годину

    Seth you an amazing rider id love to learn to ride like you and love to ride with you come to the Niagara region

  57. KevBigWeb g

    KevBigWeb gПре годину

    Who else loves his videos but can't afford a good mountain bike

  58. Luis Sierra

    Luis SierraПре годину


  59. Viktor_779

    Viktor_779Пре годину

    7:51 ???

  60. edmund causley

    edmund causleyПре годину

    When are you going to make more berm creek videos

  61. Hannan Firdous

    Hannan FirdousПре годину


  62. Anishka Perera

    Anishka PereraПре годину

    The time lapse of everything looks so cool!

  63. Landen Heeringa

    Landen HeeringaПре годину

    You should buy a dretbick on.the track

  64. Jenson Makin

    Jenson MakinПре годину

    That last song with the harmonica is really cool does anybody have the link to it??

  65. Sebastian Stone

    Sebastian StoneПре годину

    Should watch a RSclub Greg barling. He puts a concrete powder on the dirt jumps to strengthen it, they are smooth and look perfect. check him out to upgrade your jumps.

  66. Madison Heape

    Madison HeapeПре годину

    Lol love the names sick nick table trouble doubles ect I love the creativity plus I'm sure u will had fun on it in those few months u had to wait this is why we sub for the great content

  67. Pauls Bernards

    Pauls BernardsПре годину

    hi can you please make a new video about berm creek? :)

  68. C_Soren

    C_SorenПре годину

    Anyone notice how Phil kept the helmet on the whole time?

  69. Monique Mellor

    Monique MellorПре годину

    You have moentin bike life hacks Why not bmx

  70. Sha Graci

    Sha GraciПре годину

    Two and a half people 😂

  71. offical_ islands

    offical_ islandsПре годину

    Do a beginer video

  72. Will Bennett

    Will BennettПре годину

    Please can we have more phil

  73. cheryl holdom

    cheryl holdomПре годину

    You should

  74. Mullet Moore

    Mullet MooreПре годину

    I always have my helmet on so I don’t have to put it back on after I take it off

  75. Johanne Ambion

    Johanne AmbionПре годину

    Living the dream😍

  76. Jayce Neal Productions

    Jayce Neal ProductionsПре годину

    3:14 hahaha 😂😂🤣🤣

  77. Niklas Lindström

    Niklas LindströmПре годину

    Make more this kind of stuff

  78. Ashley Thomas

    Ashley ThomasПре годину


  79. Andre Nelisi

    Andre NelisiПре годину


  80. Filip

    FilipПре годину

    When will the next Berm Creek come out? It's been some time.

  81. Danny Lancaster

    Danny LancasterПре годину

    I showed my mom this and all she said is, "he must be devorced."

  82. James Brundle

    James BrundleПре годину

    I’m thinking of building a trail in my back garden forest but it’s really really overgrown what do I do?

  83. Nuder s

    Nuder sПре годину

    Two and a half people lol

  84. Gwen Goodson

    Gwen GoodsonПре годину

    *Grass: has left the chat*

  85. xU-Fa!Lx

    xU-Fa!LxПре годину

    Sooner or later the whole yard is just going to be dirt😂

  86. Vic

    VicПре годину

    now there is less grass to mow! hahaha


    BEST OF THE NAVYПре годину

    I can’t stand Phil for some reason he just pisses me off

  88. Josh Brown

    Josh BrownПре годину

    Freakin Stash chops

  89. Pig

    PigПре годину

    Is it just me or does the dirt patch on the thumbnail kinda like a foot?

  90. GOD

    GODПре годину

    Still waiting on that wall ride!

  91. Heather Katz

    Heather KatzПре годину

    You are so nice my inspiration for MTB riding what brand is you’re bike Want to get one

  92. Sodder

    SodderПре годину

    We all want more videos.

  93. Olly Knight

    Olly KnightПре годину

    Build a wall ride

  94. Alaina Karsonovich

    Alaina KarsonovichПре годину

    2 and a half?!?!?

  95. Edward3946

    Edward3946Пре годину

    I love his moustache

  96. Jacob Revier

    Jacob RevierПре годину

    good job phill.

  97. Austin Davis

    Austin DavisПре годину

    Can we get that wallride yet?

  98. Andrea Hagan - Schmitz

    Andrea Hagan - SchmitzПре годину

    It's really coming together😍😳

  99. k4sp4l3

    k4sp4l3Пре годину

    could phil upload a photo of him without a beard? thx 4 the nice vid

  100. Connor Geddon

    Connor GeddonПре годину

    I like that explosion

  101. Aidan Grumm

    Aidan GrummПре годину

    Make. The. Wallride.

  102. Quint is on

    Quint is onПре годину

    i died once you exploded

  103. laurens van der vis

    laurens van der visПре годину

    Daaaaaaaang you got a sick backyard

  104. James Budrow

    James BudrowПре годину

    Wall ride. Yes please.