Whistler Local visits the South | Downhill MTB with Jordan Boostmaster

Last week, Jordan Boostmaster came all the way from British Columbia to visit me here in North Carolina. This video highlights just a few of the downhill spots we rode here, including Windrock Mountain Bike Park, and Bailey Mountain Bike Park.
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If you want to ride any of the parks in the video, here’s the info!
Squatch Bikes and Brews
Bike rentals and service in Brevard, NC, right in the heart of Pisgah and Dupont Forests
Bailey Mountain Bike Park
Open weekends all year
Bike and helmet rentals available
Make sure to book your tickets in advance
Windrock Mountain Bike Park
Open weekends all year
Bike and helmet rentals available
Just show up and buy passes at the general store
Nate @muir_image727
Jared @baconsoldier
Huge shout out to these guys for helping us get clips at Windrock!


  1. Jordan Boostmaster

    Jordan BoostmasterПре 2 године

    It was such a great time in North Carolina! We did so much riding and Windrock was epic! Some really intense and steep stuff out in that area!

  2. Carl C Hedemalm

    Carl C HedemalmПре 25 дана

    You forgot to send the secret line off the side!

  3. Trevor Butler

    Trevor ButlerПре месец

    once COVID is over may need to make a return trip to Berm Peak!!!

  4. Barak Collins

    Barak CollinsПре годину

    Jordan Boostmaster yo this is cool I have the bike you rode I got it from squatch and it had a bald kenda tire on it and a paint scratched back triangle

  5. en en

    en enПре годину

    Pls visit istanbul

  6. abadatha

    abadathaПре 2 године

    Your reaction to that huge wipe-out was perfect. Ouch.

  7. Dustin Walker

    Dustin WalkerПре 3 дана

    When are you going to Windrock

  8. JAlstatt 34

    JAlstatt 34Пре 4 дана

    You have a TickTock

  9. Tux

    TuxПре 14 дана

    What’s it like having full sus

  10. William Stryker

    William StrykerПре 16 дана

    9:40 Drama pishie followed by excellent compression-rebound pull off the bench drop! Can see in the next scene that compressing and using the "pop" off of rebound vs. pedaling. Cranking to get the nose to pop seems to narrow the window between the not so beloved squat in the rear/rebounding the front and using compression/rebound to pop off the top. SO WEIRD how the later is more intuitive for most people. Cranking to get pop is a trials move that takes a stiff rear end or just the years of getting used to the geometry! SICK VID SETH, and SO COOL TO SEE JORDAN!!! HONESTLY!!

  11. Z Nunez

    Z NunezПре 22 дана

    R.i.p drama the best dog

  12. Ethan Benton

    Ethan BentonПре 26 дана

    8:22 I love blocking trails and... finish in the replies v

  13. Noel Caballero

    Noel CaballeroПре 26 дана

    Dang bro you fell down baddd!!!

  14. The Trail Hunter

    The Trail HunterПре месец

    Jordan goes over the bars Seth: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. A1 Face

    A1 FaceПре месец

    Hey Seth look at my new RSclub video

  16. Caleb Teoh

    Caleb TeohПре месец

    RIP Drama :(

  17. Gammy Troller

    Gammy TrollerПре 2 месеца

    I think Seth's arch nemesis is a roller

  18. Moto Rider94

    Moto Rider94Пре 2 месеца

    Me: *starts watching video* RSclub: Time for 360p

  19. Darjan Dimovski

    Darjan DimovskiПре 3 месеца

    You should do a video with fabio wibmer

  20. pillbelichick

    pillbelichickПре 3 месеца

    "Drama, you gotta be kidding me dude" ❤️

  21. coco

    cocoПре 3 месеца

    that looks steep even on camera :0

  22. Jimi Letchford

    Jimi LetchfordПре 4 месеца

    We miss Drama... R.I.P.

  23. A Cowboy and Steed

    A Cowboy and SteedПре 4 месеца

    Drama was all over this video :). He will be missed

  24. Charlie Sissons

    Charlie SissonsПре 4 месеца

    You should come to Sun Peaks

  25. J. Clark

    J. ClarkПре 4 месеца

    @Seth did you say Tan Daddy Nate was there?

  26. J. Clark

    J. ClarkПре 4 месеца

    That is him! holly shit he looks so different.

  27. luca dan

    luca danПре 4 месеца

    Jordan looks so noob for a third point of view

  28. bananas stuff

    bananas stuffПре 2 месеца

    kinda. he was the best jumper that day imo.

  29. jaco greeff

    jaco greeffПре 4 месеца

    The gopro effect is a bad thing

  30. Isaac Goeltl

    Isaac GoeltlПре 4 месеца

    I'm on a bike everybody look at me I'm on a bike😂

  31. Carl's MTB adventures

    Carl's MTB adventuresПре 5 месеци

    If that were me I'd have multiple broken bones, glad it didn't go worse man...

  32. Jim Sec

    Jim SecПре 5 месеци

    I got Horse face at my place but with no cache berms

  33. W!ld.Hunter.08

    W!ld.Hunter.08Пре 5 месеци

    You should get Jordan to take you out to the Kamloops area

  34. Nathan Lee

    Nathan LeeПре 5 месеци

    0:16 spitting bars!

  35. Will Adventures

    Will AdventuresПре 6 месеци

    Love it

  36. Rory Hallinan-Johns

    Rory Hallinan-JohnsПре 6 месеци

    Hardtale day

  37. Preston Wall

    Preston WallПре 6 месеци

    i think Jordan always looks happy He is I think

  38. Mindful Mage

    Mindful MageПре 7 месеци

    trust me the go pro effect was REALLY in play at all of the Trails in this video

  39. The Bushcraft Daughter

    The Bushcraft DaughterПре 7 месеци

    what is the music?

  40. RoboT

    RoboTПре 8 месеци

    Now take him to Berm Peak

  41. Archie Scriven

    Archie ScrivenПре 8 месеци

    Is it me or does every MTB youtuber know every other MTB youtuber.

  42. MacLaren Stevenson

    MacLaren StevensonПре 9 месеци


  43. FlamingCows2

    FlamingCows2Пре 9 месеци

    Man jordan crashed hard

  44. Rebecca Bull

    Rebecca BullПре 9 месеци

    I like how when someone stacks it they just have to explode😂😂😂

  45. Kyle K

    Kyle KПре 9 месеци

    If I was there I would’ve been the one dumb to ride down that brakes open

  46. skyfooty

    skyfootyПре 10 месеци

    Ads too long

  47. The Jolly Squad

    The Jolly SquadПре 10 месеци

    Seths crash gave me flashback to a couple weeks ago when I had a very similar high speed crash. Wasn’t so lucky, broke my arm and pelvis. Watching these videos until I can get back on the dirt😄

  48. Michael Taylor

    Michael TaylorПре 11 месеци

    Drama: "You tried to force me to be a trail dog against my will. Then I go on the trail and you get mad. What the heck"

  49. bananas stuff

    bananas stuffПре 2 месеца


  50. Gavin Lee

    Gavin LeeПре 11 месеци

    If you visit seth and don't get hurt...

  51. William Smart

    William SmartПре 11 месеци

    You need to come to Squamish next time, not the north shore... Squamish is better

  52. Erik Thingvoll

    Erik ThingvollПре годину

    I live in Asheville too! If anybody is looking for a nice place to live, the mountains around here are great, Asheville being one of the best cities. If you do come here to visit and you bike, check out bent creek experimental forest and the pump track at the bent creek community park! They are great!

  53. Will's fishing and biking

    Will's fishing and bikingПре годину

    You should make a music video

  54. good goat

    good goatПре годину

    I find it funny that the one place he got injured was America, where healthcare is not free

  55. jakob dobson

    jakob dobsonПре годину

    Come to nz Seth.

  56. Efferveffects

    EfferveffectsПре годину

    I'm on a horse... I mean bike, I'm on a bike

  57. Evan Van Ryder

    Evan Van RyderПре годину

    The explosions, unnecessary but awesome

  58. Griffin Brescia

    Griffin BresciaПре годину

    Every time I see videos of horse face I always say I wanna ride that on a hard tail

  59. chris Fontaine

    chris FontaineПре годину

    deff looks like a park you'd want a full DH bike... those enduro's don't give you the stability of a true 8 inch+ DH bike lol sketchy is fun though eh??

  60. Drey Shakur

    Drey ShakurПре годину

    Hes so chill woah

  61. Medo779

    Medo779Пре годину

    I died when Jordan said that cool Auchh

  62. Martin Šlemr

    Martin ŠlemrПре годину

    Thats a lot of damage!

  63. Imagine Having a bike

    Imagine Having a bikeПре годину

    Seth I’m a local Ryder of Aliso Viejo California I’d love to show you around some crazy technical trails

  64. Lawrence Tyrrell

    Lawrence TyrrellПре годину

    UK visit vid

  65. Greeneggs

    GreeneggsПре годину

    U should go to Calgary good stuff up here

  66. Triple Force Gaming

    Triple Force GamingПре годину

    Literally every trial in my area is like horseface there so steep

  67. EDDY K

    EDDY KПре годину

    The dog wants to send it......just let him

  68. Janet Charlish

    Janet CharlishПре годину

    I’m on a bike!

  69. Medo778

    Medo778Пре годину

    But the way he said auch is just creepy at least for meh

  70. Christopher Rees

    Christopher ReesПре годину

    Seth, you need to come to Beech Mountain!

  71. Sebastian Lingua

    Sebastian LinguaПре годину

    What wheel size do y'all prefer? Which one is better for trails etc. But also for going to work

  72. josh mcclure

    josh mcclureПре годину

    I live close to the Whitewater center near Charlotte...ever been there? What do you think?

  73. zLove_F1r3x

    zLove_F1r3xПре годину

    Omg i got a Devinci Wilson toooooo Sry I get really excited when I see Devincis cuz they're soo rare

  74. Emmanuel Korli

    Emmanuel KorliПре годину

    i recently came down a mountain like this and even with both hands tight on the brakes like glue, my bike was going crazy fast. had to bail at a certain point.

  75. Bread Unslicer

    Bread UnslicerПре годину

    Jordan after sliding 5 feet in Seth's yard: ouch

  76. Charlie White

    Charlie WhiteПре годину

    Jordan looks like a happy puppy who is just happy to be there but doesn’t know what’s going on in the car to windrock 😂

  77. Max Hawley

    Max HawleyПре годину

    You crash so often

  78. Trailbuilder - Sevy G....

    Trailbuilder - Sevy G....Пре годину

    4:57 😂😂😂

  79. Sid

    SidПре годину

    You need some milk in your bones

  80. lemon master is worse than me so yeah

    lemon master is worse than me so yeahПре годину


  81. MiTcHeLl

    MiTcHeLlПре годину

    When your two favourite youtubers do a video together.

  82. MrTrololololol

    MrTrolololololПре годину

    The im on a bike video is cringy af

  83. bray tri

    bray triПре годину

    Only 1 elbow pad for Jordan ?

  84. Shazza Is god

    Shazza Is godПре годину

    Honestly when is Jordan smiling

  85. [ Shredded ]

    [ Shredded ]Пре годину

    What are ur thoughts on the diamondback atroz 1 bike


    RC NATIONПре годину

    It sucks

  87. Jake Gordon

    Jake GordonПре годину

    I swear Seth crashes on purpose half the time

  88. Kyle Kincaid

    Kyle KincaidПре годину

    #23:24 you can see how he hit his née

  89. Harper Hancox

    Harper HancoxПре годину

    Horseface looks like it would be kinda close to the mount 7 psychosis racetrack

  90. Gamer Bread Baker

    Gamer Bread BakerПре годину

    I think 4:01 is a place to go to see how footage looks without the GoPro effect. That is steep.

  91. Zac bottle

    Zac bottleПре годину

    On the conecter trail on a dirt bike and went into a drainage ditch and got 14 stiches

  92. custer175

    custer175Пре годину

    Seth, you should do a video on how to be efficient taking video while riding. I love recording rides but I hate to be that guy fumbling with a GoPro and slowing the group down while on a ride. Please advise!

  93. rjc862003

    rjc862003Пре годину

    >flys though the air with the greatest of ease, eats it coming off a 4 off drop

  94. qualls almighty

    qualls almightyПре годину

    Dude I had no idea you were in N.C. badass

  95. Riggs Monfort

    Riggs MonfortПре годину

    seriously Jordan? 10:30 and just an ouch?!?!?!10:2910:2910:2910:2910:2910:2910:29

  96. Joshua Mack

    Joshua MackПре годину

    hmmm. I think ( as someone with 0 downhill experience.. )wristguards, as you wear for inlineskating, ,wouldnt be much of a Problem riding a bike?. Given you cut of a bit of the lower part meant for sliding over asphalt. they basically immobilize your wrist completely. Could have saved it?


    BULL CRUSHERПре годину

    Your dog is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. David Lastimosa

    David LastimosaПре годину

    I want a gave away accessories

  99. David Lastimosa

    David LastimosaПре годину

    I always like your videos and I always sharing and I just subscribe it and I put the notification bell on I always liking your videos

  100. David Lastimosa

    David LastimosaПре годину

    Don't you have a gave away

  101. Carter Day

    Carter DayПре годину

    Gnarly crash Seth. That was impressive.

  102. Bogan Phelps

    Bogan PhelpsПре годину

    Yeah I'm sorry Seth as much as I love you and your videos I don't do anybody that isn't humble enough to not put master in there headline. That's just looking for no humility and someone that can accept their own mistakes

  103. Bogan Phelps

    Bogan PhelpsПре годину

    Actually dude that post that I put up there was actually a joke

  104. Carter Day

    Carter DayПре годину

    Yeah well he can and does accept his own mistakes. Maybe think that he isn’t trying to declare that he is the absolute master of mountain biking but maybe it’s just a little joke.

  105. XX BOOM

    XX BOOMПре годину

    You could take a level with you next time to see how steep it is

  106. Mason 360

    Mason 360Пре годину

    I feel like a bike called “Foxie” should have Fox suspension.

  107. breathe and squeeze

    breathe and squeezeПре годину

    yay Canada.

  108. Lachlan Hanwright

    Lachlan HanwrightПре годину

    Anyone know the name of the song at 4:30

  109. Truly Infamous

    Truly InfamousПре годину

    You gotta eat shit a few times to be a good rider.

  110. DJOpaixMusic

    DJOpaixMusicПре годину

    You know they are lying to you when they sing "I'm on a bike" while standing... XD

  111. Pete McKinlay

    Pete McKinlayПре годину

    The exploding head graphic sold me. Love it.