Why go mountain biking at night?

Mountain biking at night helps you reclaim time sitting in front of the TV, make the most of short Winter daylight, and enjoy a unique experience. In this video, we'll go over all the reasons why night riding is awesome, and some of the basics to get started doing it.
My music: share.epidemicsound.com/trQSg
This is my flood light: amzn.to/2TpJFVf
This is my head light: amzn.to/2JuG9sU
I also own this mini headlamp, which is a great spare: amzn.to/2Of8aDi
I know those lights aren't cheap, but they're incredibly durable and reliable. I've already ordered some mid-priced flood lights, which I'll be testing throughout the Spring for review later. I hope to find something affordable to recommend for 1 to 2 hour low-risk rides.
If you're doing long backcountry rides at night, I'd strongly recommend ponying up and buying a serious set of lights like the ones above.
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  1. Jarrett Maretsky

    Jarrett MaretskyПре 18 дана

    Trail riding at night is the only time i dont use my headphones

  2. Iguankies

    IguankiesПре 22 дана

    Seth: here in North Carolina, it can get up to 80° in the day and 60 at night Me in California with 100° days and 90° nights: Laughs

  3. TheApexLion

    TheApexLionПре месец

    What lights are you using in this video for both helmet and front light?

  4. PizNey Works

    PizNey WorksПре месец

    my parents won't let me go night riding. what should i do?

  5. Innoxium AE

    Innoxium AEПре месец

    If you run into a bear, follow the same protocol you would during the day...... which is!?

  6. MrPyromanic1

    MrPyromanic1Пре месец

    This inspired me to go for a night ride and i just got the best time on a segment!! :D

  7. Julian Carrier

    Julian CarrierПре 2 месеца

    Rattlesnakes in Colorado on the front range are all out on the trail whenever we ride low elevations at night, kinda sporty

  8. Chuck Crizer

    Chuck CrizerПре 2 месеца

    Skunks. Skunks are MUCH worse than bears or injuries.

  9. RockoTaco

    RockoTacoПре 2 месеца

    You should do a video about old school no suspension bikes. Talk about an adventure on sketchy trails!

  10. Killian Horgan

    Killian HorganПре 2 месеца


  11. Andrew Pickle

    Andrew PickleПре 2 месеца

    The white line at night sounds fun

  12. C V

    C VПре 2 месеца

    Quick correction: 60 F is 15 C. Significantly chillier tan 20 C (70 F).

  13. GoogleLeaveMyNameAlone

    GoogleLeaveMyNameAloneПре 2 месеца

    I strapped one of those car lightbars to my handlebars!

  14. Benjamin Evans

    Benjamin EvansПре 3 месеца

    Once I went night riding, I met a guy who was dressed in all black At the end of the ride he tried to bite my neck

  15. Chris Sr

    Chris SrПре 3 месеца

    No sunscreen necessary

  16. Brandon James

    Brandon JamesПре 3 месеца

    So if I run across a bear, I'll smack it in the nose with a chancla. Got it! 😂

  17. Marc DeMichele

    Marc DeMicheleПре 3 месеца

    You are right on the money about climbing at night. WAY EASIER. That trail you've ridden 1000 times is a whole new adventure. Not to mention, you rarely have to "give way" to the rider struggling on the climb you happen to be bombing down. The trails are usually yours alone.

  18. BowValley

    BowValleyПре 3 месеца

    Went for a night ride a couple days ago and my light died about an hour from home in the middle of the forest. One of the sketchiest rides in my entire life lol. Yeah I could have walked and used my phone light but that’s not fun

  19. YuukiRbrn LeClavier

    YuukiRbrn LeClavierПре 4 месеца

    One could also turn a sharp corner, hit a displaced tree branch, fly into a tree trunk, and then die.

  20. Y33T_PL00PY

    Y33T_PL00PYПре 4 месеца

    So this is when Seth found the bush bike

  21. Jennifer Prom

    Jennifer PromПре 4 месеца

    night rides are better. because it is very cool at night. and more fun

  22. Joeyz

    JoeyzПре 4 месеца

    The bike lamp link isnt working

  23. greed fox

    greed foxПре 4 месеца

    just take a gun with you... never know when you'll need it.

  24. the man

    the manПре 4 месеца

    whoah did he just swear...that is the first time i have ever heard him dwear

  25. Jackson Imbus

    Jackson ImbusПре 4 месеца

    Is anybody going to acknowledge that drama had a hurt leg?

  26. Casey Weaver

    Casey WeaverПре 4 месеца

    I would say to also make sure you know the trail really well. Easy to get lost AF at night.

  27. Gerald Acevedo

    Gerald AcevedoПре 4 месеца

    I’m just afraid ima crash!

  28. JackO M8

    JackO M8Пре 4 месеца

    What is the protocol for seeing a bear anytime of day? 😂

  29. Ian Cameron

    Ian CameronПре 4 месеца

    1:29 looking like the ye album cover

  30. Мирный Воин

    Мирный ВоинПре 4 месеца

    When the bear pop up, I almost piss my pants.. I can't believe it popped up again, and it scared me again .. had that feeling grab a weapon quick

  31. Hassan ahmad

    Hassan ahmadПре 4 месеца

    7:30 bich I was thinking the same shit wow

  32. Luke Palmer

    Luke PalmerПре 5 месеци

    i feel like a night ride video of berm peak is much needed! or any night rides in general, they look even more sketchy!

  33. Lee Graham

    Lee GrahamПре 5 месеци

    Lezyne lights seem too be great value for money and mega bright.. they are worth a look and price is good

  34. Rhys Compton

    Rhys ComptonПре 5 месеци

    Seth saying that 20 Celsius is the beat riding temperature...... me living in the UK and thinking 5 Celsius is the best

  35. GT VIBES 2020

    GT VIBES 2020Пре 5 месеци

    I love night riding

  36. SuperDookiePoopy

    SuperDookiePoopyПре 5 месеци

    I rode into tree

  37. joey troesken

    joey troeskenПре 5 месеци

    Duck tape plus flashlight

  38. De Nafets

    De NafetsПре 5 месеци

    Night riding is so much fun for me because it helps me learn new features. I think the low light tricks my mind into thinking I can do things I normally wouldn't do in the day.

  39. Andrew Jackson

    Andrew JacksonПре 5 месеци

    1.54 anyone else realise drama had a broken paw. Feels

  40. Crazy 2-1 ILZ

    Crazy 2-1 ILZПре 5 месеци

    Glow sticks on your wheels or helmet that would be awesome 😁

  41. Malte Stolli

    Malte StolliПре 6 месеци

    The real night riders ride without lights! Also they use hardtails so they can feel the ground better

  42. The Junior Critic

    The Junior CriticПре 6 месеци

    Problem: I'm asleep by 9pm and wake up at 5:30am

  43. Branigan Irby

    Branigan IrbyПре 6 месеци

    No 📌🐱🐻🦟⚙️🍌

  44. Mojave RC

    Mojave RCПре 6 месеци

    I night ride without lights. It really changes the trails. Ups the gnarly factor by 100 percent😂

  45. Conner Dux

    Conner DuxПре 6 месеци

    Night riding is fun but last time I did it me and two friends got followed by a mountain lion so il stick to day riding lol

  46. Rogeball PB

    Rogeball PBПре 6 месеци

    All 3 lights in your description are no longer available. Time to modernize.

  47. Gaming Unicorn

    Gaming UnicornПре 6 месеци

    I just bought my first night ride lights a $30 handlebar light (aoupro 800 lumens) and $40 helmet light (niterider lumina 750 lumens) they are pretty nice for how cheap they are and I run them on my framed rendal hard tail (they look pretty sexy also)

  48. Leon188

    Leon188Пре 7 месеци

    Any tips for a good light for night rides?

  49. Reviews De todo tipo de cosas

    Reviews De todo tipo de cosasПре 7 месеци

    What settings do you recommend for GoPro for night video??

  50. Kinang Eagle

    Kinang EagleПре 7 месеци

    You wanna ride now at 9:14 😚

  51. John Neville

    John NevilleПре 7 месеци

    I have a short single row Cree LED light bar 12-24v bought in a pair on Amazon for $22.50 mounted to my bars with mini Nilight horizontal bar mounts (4 pack for $14/Amazon). I use a 20v DeWalt heated jacket USB adapter with a 12v output on the side for power. I store it in an under saddle bag which holds a 2-5ah 20v battery perfectly. The USB adapter is a DCB091 on Amazon for $22-30. You can run just about any 12-24v light with this setup so you can make it fit your build. I made a 1000 lumen flashlight with a 6" round off-roading light and one of the adapters rehomed into a 6v lantern shell. I'd love to see some variation put into your next light line up! Love the videos Seth

  52. Survival EJT

    Survival EJTПре 7 месеци

    Maybe you can make a bike hack about riding at night.

  53. carlos alvarez

    carlos alvarezПре 8 месеци

    Me and my team rid pe at night every Tuesday night

  54. jan Rieß

    jan RießПре 8 месеци

    Oh, I have the exact same setup as you in this video now! I think it's amazing, the people that I encounter head on at night probably think it's stupid.

  55. Christoph Tungersleben

    Christoph TungerslebenПре 8 месеци

    night shadow ride by full moon without lightshow only the osram abouv

  56. The Chap

    The ChapПре 8 месеци

    This video came out 2 months after breaking my back, neck and a long list of other things. Needless to say..I was jealous. I have been waiting ever since to give night riding a try. As it turned out, my first night ride was 3 nights ago across a lake from the hospital where I was almost exactly a year before. It was pretty awesome seeing the hospital lit up through the dark trees off in the distance. I couldn't have felt more thankful and happy to be out there riding that night. Thanks for putting up videos that have kept me motivated Seth...even if a little jealous at times!

  57. Chasm 95

    Chasm 95Пре 8 месеци

    I've gone night skiing often enough, that I understand this. You never see annoying kids that were ditched by lazy parents, and when there's a light snowfall, it sparkles off the trail lights in the most beautiful way possible.

  58. Pootis Pow

    Pootis PowПре 10 месеци

    Seth’s 3 reasons not to night ride: 1.bears 2.mountain lions 3. Injury Just come to Australia it fixes all but 1 of these problems

  59. Auriculus

    AuriculusПре 10 месеци

    It depends on the person. For instance, I always feel either drowsy or tired and my reaction time slows down by the time that the sun falls.

  60. Alienfromarea51

    Alienfromarea51Пре 10 месеци

    In Australia we have drop bears and panthers in Victoria

  61. Daniel the Hardtailer

    Daniel the HardtailerПре 10 месеци

    Just like the murder machine, this video is different from the ones shot at day... loved it, seth...

  62. K C

    K CПре 10 месеци

    What bike lights would you recommend

  63. Chris Roberts

    Chris RobertsПре 11 месеци

    We have a track that run along the river . It's has solar light so that is my little ride a night

  64. Isaac

    IsaacПре 11 месеци

    Why dont I ride at night? Crackheads in the local woods.

  65. Alutious

    AlutiousПре 11 месеци

    Nice, just watched this one, i thought i was the only one who did this! Finished a great night ride on Fromme last night. I thought there was a car on the ridge, it was the full moon. There were several drops i had to chicken out on because i was unsure how far it dropped and what was on the other side, and i was by myself. I do alot of commuting, even in the winter, so i have 2 sets of lights in case one dies out. Having run several ultra marathons and run through the night, I love running at night. I have applied that experience to riding. I use an 800 Lumen front light, i think 400 is good enough but more is necessary to see the corners. Also wet ground is darker and you need as bright as you can get to see hidden roots and contours. I decided to go for a slightly older model of fenix that has a removable battery. My other light is built in so it needs to be charged. I have a tank bag with a hole that you can fish a cable through to charge the light with a battery pack used for cell phones. My plan is to charge the 1st light in place during long gravel races. However the other light not only has a charge port it also has a removable rear cap to take out the 18650, which is also what my hand held lights use that I run with. Originally i tried attaching them to the handle bars, which failed so i just broke down and got a bike light when it went on sale. SInce it uses the same batteries my handhelds use, i can use the batteries for either purpose. Although a bit heavy I also have a headlamp with that battery type. If you can store 4 batteries somehow, which should be easy, that's over 16 hours of run time, which is plenty. On winter commutes I have one in a waterproof case I keep in my bike bag. But if it's cold, you need to either keep the battery in an inner jacket pocket or check it frequently to verify it still has a charge. You guys ride waaaay faster than i do at night lol. It was a trip. Great seeing it. I fell on my camera so i don't have any footage of last night.

  66. Mitchell Jarvis

    Mitchell JarvisПре 11 месеци

    Nobody night rides with me sooo... I just go for it

  67. Exalaxy X

    Exalaxy XПре годину

    I live in a place where mountain biking is not popular. There's no real trail or park nearby. There's very few people who like the idea of the sport. Very few of my friends still use their bikes. Even less use mountain bikes. And only a cople of them ride mtb. None of them are willing to do night ride. MY LIIFEEEEE

  68. butlergl

    butlerglПре годину

    I love night riding at one of our local parks. Almost like riding a new trail. But if is very freeing and a lot of fun.

  69. barking madman

    barking madmanПре годину

    Actually, riding with wildlife can be amazing. Once I scared up a family of wild boar: 5 piglets to my left, 5 piglets to my right, 2 mommas in front, all running along the trail together with me. I slowed to let them "win", and since they stopped on the path 20 yards ahead and I was basically doing my victory lap, I just turned around to go home and let them do their thing. Another time a pair of deer were bounding along the trail with me, crisscrossing my path half dozen times, and while at first I had scared them by the end I think we were all enjoying the run together. It's a kind of "Disney magic" you cannot have in a motor vehicle, on a street, or on foot, because you're silent and in their habitat keeping up speed with the animals.

  70. Bill Welch

    Bill WelchПре годину

    Love night riding! I think the lit up trail and nothing else helps focus. Lots of fun, but I am always thinking about mountain lions... to kill.

  71. El Dock Doggie

    El Dock DoggieПре годину

    Night rides are awesome I love night rides there cool not as hot but you do have to know you're trails for night rides I don't recommend new trails for night that I learned the hard way

  72. 21 Bike rider

    21 Bike riderПре годину

    This was uploaded on my birthday 😂😂😂

  73. Downhill Groovy

    Downhill GroovyПре годину

    Out here in the desert were considered pro night MTBers. No other time to ride!

  74. benny s

    benny sПре годину

    A bit late to the night party, but night riding is the ONLY way to go on the Israeli summer. It is scary sometimes with all the coyotes and wild boars, but that's what friends are for!

  75. johnnybikesalot

    johnnybikesalotПре годину

    Two thoughts: First, a variation on what you said. I find not just climbs but most all skill-related biking things to be easier in the dark. It takes brainpower to comprehend and process what your eyes see. When you only see what you have to do, it's easier to mentally zone in on just that. And when you only see your line, and not all of the scary crap around it, it can all be a lot easier. Most of my PR's in my local woods were acquired at night, with lights. As long as your lights are big and bright enough that you can see your lane clearly and safely, it can really boost your abilities a noticeable amount. Second, another variation on what you said, you have the whole woods to yourself, generally. Which is a unique feeling. More than that, on a normal ride, you are being chased out of the woods by the coming night. Unless you ride in the morning, but I do not, all of my daylight rides are afternooners. And you're always in a hurry, always feeling the pinch of night. But when you start at night, with lights already, suddenly it's like you're in the shopping mall at night, after they've closed the doors and gone home. You no longer have time constraints, you can go anywhere and everywhere and you have it all to yourself. It's a unique feeling you don't ever really get in the daylight.

  76. Karl XZY

    Karl XZYПре годину

    Love riding flowy single track at night in summer. No crowds and nice and cool. Jusy gotta watch out for snakes and kangaroos here in Oz. No lions or bears. 😉

  77. FuckCroydonJunkies

    FuckCroydonJunkiesПре годину

    Just watch out for pedophiles

  78. Dave Wenners

    Dave WennersПре годину

    I love night riding.

  79. Andrew King

    Andrew KingПре годину

    Night skiing is great too.

  80. Dronalpes

    DronalpesПре годину

    The hiking benefits are not a legend I am always faster at night because I don’t see anything and also because I don’t want to rest next to wild pig bears or wolf 😂

  81. rok

    rokПре годину

    Last night I had a ride of my life with my new fleshlight.

  82. Fire from above us

    Fire from above usПре годину

    It scared me when the cartoon bear slid over on the screen! That's it, I'm not going😂

  83. MTB Rider

    MTB RiderПре годину

    Jereds bike looks sick

  84. Brian C

    Brian CПре годину

    magic mushrooms makes it a totally different experience!!

  85. HackerMan 9000

    HackerMan 9000Пре годину

    3:50 literally the next vid

  86. Liam Soper

    Liam SoperПре годину

    Night riding temperatures are warmer then what it is on a good summer day where I live!

  87. Medo779

    Medo779Пре годину

    The first time i was night riding it was really magical,but when i came home i got magically beaten

  88. AllwyN

    AllwyNПре 2 месеца


  89. Gamer Bread Baker

    Gamer Bread BakerПре 2 месеца


  90. N K

    N KПре 4 месеца

    Only reason I have yet to try it

  91. Hassan ahmad

    Hassan ahmadПре 4 месеца


  92. Alex loam

    Alex loamПре 5 месеци

    By who xd

  93. D I

    D IПре годину

    Im riding at night's and its a whole different experience than riding at day.. but there is a issue too... I dont have anyone to ride with.. ;)

  94. Attractionlist O

    Attractionlist OПре годину

    So am a big mountain bike person I live in nc we’re is the best place to go mountain biking in nc

  95. CJ Schmitt

    CJ SchmittПре годину

    I use to do them in MI with no light and just follow someone with a light....now that was fun!

  96. Peter Meter

    Peter MeterПре годину

    I do this like five years now, atleast once a month. But I do something very special on this night rides!!! I jerk of in middle of nowhere

  97. Melvin Mejia

    Melvin MejiaПре 9 месеци

    Peter Meter 😹😹

  98. EchoSurge

    EchoSurgeПре годину

    Night riding is nice, but WHY THE HELL IS A LIGHT $300

  99. Gamer Bread Baker

    Gamer Bread BakerПре 2 месеца

    cause it's a good light

  100. Jeremy Catania

    Jeremy CataniaПре годину

    My riding is limited to certain hours these days due to family commitments. I go early in the morning. 6am. I get to ride with my lights and see the sun come up. The other day I ride, is at dusk. Watch the sun set, then click on the lights. I love night riding. But it takes a few minutes for my eyes to adjust coming in or out of the dark. So often times, I'll run my lights a bit ahead of the sunset or sunrise. I totally dig this video and can relate.

  101. Elias DiosoJr

    Elias DiosoJrПре годину

    hey seth"s what kind of head&tail light s do you used

  102. Migo STX

    Migo STXПре годину

    I love going bike riding at night. Waiting for 9 as we speak lol

  103. ATXTube

    ATXTubeПре годину

    Feels like a real adventure

  104. John Savage

    John SavageПре годину

    Most of the most exciting things happen in the dark.

  105. Elias DiosoJr

    Elias DiosoJrПре годину

    I want kind a head and tail lights they do use

  106. Zehod 252

    Zehod 252Пре годину

    Seth: theres nothing to fear in the night Ghosts: Am I a joke to you?

  107. Samurai JACK3D

    Samurai JACK3DПре 3 месеца

    @HWLXRailgun 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  108. HWLXRailgun

    HWLXRailgunПре 6 месеци

    When i was a soldier i can confirm at night you see things in the forest you usually dont. And if you are tired too they will screw the shit out of you xD

  109. BLaZe_pRo 142

    BLaZe_pRo 142Пре годину

    Christos Papachristoforou Sventek 😂😂😂

  110. tykkään omenoista

    tykkään omenoistaПре годину

    2:00 me right now.