Why we’re listing THE SAME bike AGAIN on eBay for Charity

Auction is live here now!
If you haven't watched the previous video
Once the auction is complete and the payment has cleared, I will determine where the buyer lives and what trail system is closest to them. The money will go to volunteers who maintain that trail system.
The result of this auction will be posted to our second channel, Berm Peak Express
Thanks to Competitive Cyclist for making this possible!
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  1. Al Mar

    Al MarПре 5 дана

    I'm selling a bike too. It's worth about 1,500. Will let it go for $30,000

  2. MTBAK

    MTBAKПре 7 дана

    Bruh a bike sold for 71,000 dollars that’s insane

  3. Jared Hernandez

    Jared HernandezПре 10 дана

    Bro seeing this makes me miss my hard tale to much I took it to the shop because the crank got broken some how and it’s gonna take 2 weeks for them to get in the part and install it bro ughhhhh

  4. Steve Godbout

    Steve GodboutПре 10 дана

    So the bike sold, good news. What was the money finally used for?

  5. Michael Evans

    Michael EvansПре 10 дана

    When are we going to find out how much it sold for

  6. Matthew Norton

    Matthew NortonПре 10 дана


  7. Daryl Densing

    Daryl DensingПре 11 дана

    I wish I had such a bike but I'm just a poor guy😔 Hi im form Philippines 🇵🇭 Im big fun of you❤️ And also im subscriber 💝☺️❤️

  8. Paulie

    PaulieПре 12 дана

    Witch GoPro setting do you use?

  9. Harrying :D

    Harrying :DПре 20 дана

    Who would spend that much money on a bike tho?

  10. yuen sianson

    yuen siansonПре 21 дан

    give me some of your extra bike

  11. sathya prakash

    sathya prakashПре 22 дана

    When I saw the bike's price it was 57lakh+ Indian rupees. lol 😂😂😂

  12. S P

    S PПре 25 дана

    Seth did not do a follow up video? Next video will be showing Seth's new Ferrari.

  13. Frown Online

    Frown OnlineПре 10 дана

    Well, he bought a house...

  14. MTB Kid

    MTB KidПре 27 дана

    If you guys were wondering I was the one who bought this It’s pretty trash.Good thing I only spent 0.001% of my money 💵🙂

  15. Polasky Family

    Polasky FamilyПре 29 дана

    71,000 us dollars

  16. Rushton Dobbins

    Rushton DobbinsПре 29 дана


  17. Bronx Girl4-0

    Bronx Girl4-0Пре месец

    I this one, I like the colors on this!!

  18. Edgars Nezinu

    Edgars NezinuПре месец

    Damn ebay.....

  19. Poke3756

    Poke3756Пре месец

    can i ride with you

  20. whoneedskidneys

    whoneedskidneysПре месец

    hey Seth did you end up building a moonshangle thickets ranger station that you said you might a while ago?

  21. Sean Grisez

    Sean GrisezПре месец

    $71,000 winning bid?! CONGRATULATIONS!

  22. Bpazanin Pazanin

    Bpazanin PazaninПре месец

    hey man, love your vids, I have a xc cube aim pro with entry level gear, I have already replaced the sispension with rockshock 100 mm air coil and I wanna replace my drivetrain which is 3x9 to 2x11, do you have quality recomendations but are also reasoned in price?

  23. Avi Katz

    Avi KatzПре месец

    Do u have any extra droppers you donuts use? If yes can I send it to me pls I watch ur vids and subscribed

  24. seth waits

    seth waitsПре месец

    With all due respect. I miss watching you ride. Watching you sail down whistler and all these amazing parks really grabbed me but i never see you ride anymore:/

  25. Abdullah Firoz

    Abdullah FirozПре месец

    Is trek marlin 5 a good bike?? Anything wrong in it???

  26. Alex Grant

    Alex GrantПре 27 дана

    It’s not a very good bike for the price

  27. Brody pirkle

    Brody pirkleПре месец

    Hey can you tell us about your bmx I’ve been seeing it in a lot of your vids

  28. Enlisted Trail Heads

    Enlisted Trail HeadsПре месец

    Seth can you please do a Franken enduro bike, but use dir bike suspension...just saying...

  29. KennyBenz853 _

    KennyBenz853 _Пре месец

    Why don’t you build a small locking mechanism for the teeter canon to send it better

  30. Ste

    SteПре месец

    Anyone got any hacks for wearing AirPods while riding? I use mine to talk on the phone sometimes and going downhills the air is so quick people can’t hear me.

  31. Brian Henning

    Brian HenningПре месец

    uh when is the next upload

  32. Preston Hardgrave

    Preston HardgraveПре месец

    i've been working on my bmx bike and i want to know what tire you have (the nobby one).

  33. Jollibee Gaming

    Jollibee GamingПре месец

    Seth Im in Philippines i dont have a mtb I realy want diamondback Atroz 2 but i don't have money to buy one my name is Neo Schieldon P. Reglos.

  34. hill climb 2

    hill climb 2Пре месец

    I need the bike so badly

  35. Liza Defeo

    Liza DefeoПре месец

    Can ihave a bike:[

  36. Waterboy Wolf

    Waterboy WolfПре месец

    Could you do an Amazon build challenge?

  37. WagonsN’Hatchbacks

    WagonsN’HatchbacksПре месец

    Can you help me install an amplifier?

  38. Owen’s Beats

    Owen’s BeatsПре месец


  39. BIKE BROS.

    BIKE BROS.Пре месец

    Hello seth me and my lil brother is a fan of you from Philippines. Thankyou for all the bike thingy you taught us. 🙏

  40. Wyatt Saizan

    Wyatt SaizanПре месец

    I have a 24 inch mongoose thats rusted so I want another mtb but don’t want to spend to much money.what is a good 26 inch mtb under $200

  41. Alex Grant

    Alex GrantПре 27 дана

    It’s impossible to find a good mtb under 200$

  42. Matt Gray

    Matt GrayПре месец

    Seriously, the anticipation is killing us. What state just got funding for a new downhill park?

  43. Eliot Richomme

    Eliot RichommeПре месец

    Joeys be like: I didn't know bikes where that expensive!?

  44. Eliot Richomme

    Eliot RichommeПре месец

    You should do a gopro hero 9 black review!

  45. Victor Ponce

    Victor PonceПре месец

    Hey Seth I feel like it's to much to ask for but can you remodel my bike to make it a better mountain bike I want to get into it my bike isn't that good and my family is struggling on money so we don't have much i would be so thankful its a small bike im 10 years old and I want to get into mountain bikes

  46. Justin Boothroyd

    Justin BoothroydПре месец

    What is the best medium riders bike

  47. Yeesaurus

    YeesaurusПре месец

    this is trash content

  48. Peacock

    PeacockПре месец

    For anyone interested $713500 with the postage fee

  49. Justen husten

    Justen hustenПре месец

    Can you come to Germany and ride with Fabio Wimber

  50. Aaron Pereira

    Aaron PereiraПре месец

    Who wanted to buy it? Pls like😁😁😁

  51. Keith Fox

    Keith FoxПре месец

    Seth I’m serious when I say this. You and Diamondback should come out with 2 bikes. First is a hard tail set up the way you want it, components etc and call it the berm peak The second should be a full squish, components of your choosing again and call it the berm peak express.

  52. Caden Pavlovcic

    Caden PavlovcicПре месец

    Probably berm peak hardtail, just sounds less confusing

  53. The_black_demon 0208

    The_black_demon 0208Пре месец

    I have a purple and white and black Scott contessa scale mountain bike

  54. The_black_demon 0208

    The_black_demon 0208Пре месец

    Hey Seth

  55. Preston Wilkinson

    Preston WilkinsonПре месец

    Can you do a video on a Suntour nex mens hybrid marvista 4110 diamondback bike on a tech trail or advance trail video

  56. Cedrick Novencido

    Cedrick NovencidoПре месец

    Seth if you would do a house tour we will totally watch it

  57. Angry Grizz51

    Angry Grizz51Пре месец

    Hi I was woundering what brakes you would recomend for someone who should like to start getting into mountain biking and has got a carrera vengeance but the break hoses have warn threw and I have done about 6000 on this bike and was thinking of getting some upgrades what would you recomend ?

  58. loopforwhile

    loopforwhileПре месец

    **Me talking to my neighbor who bought a used Schwinn on Craigslist** "There's bikes well above $10-12k range"

  59. God [The micronation of 7OD]

    God [The micronation of 7OD]Пре месец

    eBay > Amazon

  60. Raymen Stockel

    Raymen StockelПре месец

    Build a wall ride

  61. Niamh Matthews

    Niamh MatthewsПре месец

    What bike should I get

  62. Claire Kelsey

    Claire KelseyПре месец

    Seth should build a boner log

  63. Fling SidiX

    Fling SidiXПре месец

    Can you do a stem vidio

  64. will berdon

    will berdonПре месец

    So is this sold yet?

  65. Biking With Ayan

    Biking With AyanПре месец

    If you changed the grips to the frame colour it will look much better

  66. Shrekondrugs

    ShrekondrugsПре месец

    Can you make a tutorial on how you install a dropper

  67. Susan Coyle

    Susan CoyleПре месец

    Hey Seth great video, do you think you could review the 2021 polygon siskui T7? its a great budget full suspension with good parts on it. thanks

  68. Ben Messersmith

    Ben MessersmithПре месец

    Are you going to test the box stealth hub?

  69. tur stan

    tur stanПре месец

    What happened to berm peak express weekly uploading

  70. Luis Flores

    Luis FloresПре месец

    Worlds most expensive hardtail

  71. Gabriel Yannarakis

    Gabriel YannarakisПре месец


  72. James Fiake

    James FiakeПре месец

    Hi Seth I think you should build a feature at the turn on knob deep and should be a plat form with a wood berm and a drop after to could be a roller on a small table top

  73. James Fiake

    James FiakeПре месец

    And you should also do a berm peak express video of a murder machine 2.0 with as many carbon parts as you can get

  74. Maurice Wong

    Maurice WongПре месец

    What the heck how can this random bike be cost a PORSCHE PANAMERA! It should only cost like 500 bucks

  75. Alex Grant

    Alex GrantПре 27 дана

    This bike is definitely worth about 1.6k

  76. Henry B

    Henry BПре месец

    Hello. Recently, my front mechanical disc brake rotor on my giant atx 3 disc 2020 has been rubbing. I’ve tried everything I could think of to adjust it and I’ve brought it to a shop, and it still rubs. Any tips?

  77. Blitzz

    BlitzzПре месец

    Seth, did the bike actually sell for 71K on ebay?!?

  78. Barney

    BarneyПре месец

    You should review a fezzari wasatch comp

  79. Emperor Zurg

    Emperor ZurgПре месец

    Depending on who you ask, this is either the 6th or 8th most expensive bike ever sold at auction......

  80. Atl Bike

    Atl BikeПре месец

    Wait until you get the $8,000 in sellers fees. Hopefully ebay waves their commission so that the trails get all the money.

  81. jjschwartzkopf

    jjschwartzkopfПре месец

    Dang Seth. $71.1K. You should be a lobbyist.

  82. Debug

    DebugПре месец

    Does anyone have any good full suspension downhill bikes that are under £1k????

  83. Debug

    DebugПре 27 дана

    @Alex Grant I'll look at that. Thanks

  84. Alex Grant

    Alex GrantПре 27 дана

    Debug yeah that’s a good idea, the mythique is a great bike and for a bit cheaper you can get a calibre bossnut I think

  85. Debug

    DebugПре 27 дана

    @Alex Grant I realised when I done some research . To get a new full suspension it's at least £1.2k for a good one the vitus mythique. Thinking of getting the Vitus mythique in red which has better specs. (Better parts)

  86. Alex Grant

    Alex GrantПре 27 дана

    That just doesn’t exist unless you want an old used thing that weighs 50 pounds

  87. Matt Anderson

    Matt AndersonПре месец

    Sold for $71,100. Imagine what else you could have bought with that

  88. Blaine Cresswell

    Blaine CresswellПре месец

    Seth wondering if you could help me with my bike. I was coming back from a ride and the chain popped off also the chain guard is bent and i'm wondering what to do it was after a crash so i think that might be why could you help me.

  89. Dreads and Dirt MTB

    Dreads and Dirt MTBПре месец

    Hopefully it's a legit bid. I'm betting not, but there just might be someone out there who has the dough and was not so much buying a bike for $70K, rather donating $70 grand to a cause. Otherwise Seth's in for 7 grand worth of final value fee and zero dollars collected.

  90. Ryan

    RyanПре месец

    Hey Seth Idk if you still do this but, I recently saw this camera called the insta360 one R camera and its really modular and it seemed like something you’d be into. I’m not affiliated with them or anything but I thought you’d think it’s interesting. Love the vids man!

  91. Dead hydrolic

    Dead hydrolicПре месец

    How do you get out of an nosedive???

  92. Wesley Burk

    Wesley BurkПре месец

    This sold for 71 thousand!?! Dude someone is going to get a whole new park where they live!😂


    PIZZA EATZAПре месец

    Hey Seth I am trying to upgrade my bike and I’m wondering about my rear shocks right now the travel is 120mm does the new rear suspension also have to be 120 mm or can it be any


    PIZZA EATZAПре месец

    vage_ idolia thanks man

  95. vage_ idolia

    vage_ idoliaПре месец

    hey mate sticking to the same mm is the best for the rear but for the front u can go 20 mm more or less

  96. Alonzo Moses Alcruz

    Alonzo Moses AlcruzПре месец

    can you build a dirt jumper nut only with your youtube channel sponcers

  97. raybbj

    raybbjПре месец

    I was fully prepared to bid $72,000 for this bike until I saw the $250 shipping charge.

  98. Kaden Steele

    Kaden SteeleПре месец

    I don't know if you noticed but you hit 2.1 million subscribers

  99. Ryan Kertzner

    Ryan KertznerПре месец

    @Berm Peak next time you're in Long Island, stop by Brands Cycle and Fitness in wantagh :)

  100. Collin Young

    Collin YoungПре месец

    Have you still been using the groups on the lover

  101. Owen Benison

    Owen BenisonПре месец

    Whose trails is the money going to?

  102. Isaac

    IsaacПре месец

    Probably some rich dude in Kansas or Iowa. "Please, build some trails!" Seriously, you should do a video with the buyer. 71k. Jeez!

  103. Josh Lozano2

    Josh Lozano2Пре месец

    You should make a REAL wall ride

  104. Gage Lochard

    Gage LochardПре месец

    Is there a way you can make an all black sticker that says “Berm Peak”

  105. 10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge

    10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos ChallengeПре месец

    only OGs type in "seth's bike hacks" into the search bar

  106. Farming and Fixing

    Farming and FixingПре месец

    I know I do lol

  107. Mr gopro action

    Mr gopro actionПре месец

    Kid that’s destined to become a pro mountain biker: I saved up 800 US dollars for this bike, I got this in the bag, Some rich dude that will probably leave it in a storage unit for the rest of its life: 71,000 US dollars

  108. Mr. Gupples

    Mr. GupplesПре месец

    Get a cycocycle!!!:)

  109. Hans Stedman

    Hans StedmanПре месец

    Yeah, the price might be a little high, but it comes with free shipping so think about how much you're saving with that

  110. Greener Gardener

    Greener GardenerПре месец


  111. Sieben

    SiebenПре месец

    Please do this again sometime and build a bike park with the money lol

  112. samuel jackson

    samuel jacksonПре месец


  113. hamburger buns

    hamburger bunsПре месец

    seth be flexing with 71k rn

  114. josh Hawkins

    josh HawkinsПре месец

    This is just a rant. The girl friend and I took her 8 year old niece on our local paved bike path. We have done some side trails in the past. this time I was proud of her niece because the little path she took on her barbie bike with the bald tires was a down hill and and she took her butt of the seat and leveled of her peddles going down between my knees and my hips I don't have much ride left in me. but if a can get a young person into this hobby that makes me feel good